I’ve never, in my life, had someone use the term “Mondays” and not be quoting Office Space in an annoying attempt to be funny by reaching for the obvious low hanging fruit. But, if there was ever a case for someone to say “you got a case of the Mondays” in a legitimate fashion…today was it.

I spent the weekend weeding my entire garden, planning a chicken run and driving all over the sunshine state. In between all of that I managed to drink the 19 beers I needed to get out of my house before Monday came around and by the time I laid down in bed last night, all I wanted to do was sleep. Sleep that was permanently ruined when me and my male bulldog got up about 4:45 in the morning for a bathroom break that turned into him and a particularly aggressive opossum (who was probably hunting my chickens) squaring off in the backyard. By the time I could get a broom and get back out there Oscar had out maneuvered the opossum and was showing it his patented jaw grip, shake, slam into concrete and stomp finish move so I went to swatting the mutt with the broom to break his focus and get him back in the house, which it did. By then, the opossum had rethought his approach and was doing his best Whitney Houston impression. I’m sure a middle of the night dog/opossum fight and a pasty fat dude in his underwear swatting at them with a broom was terrific comic relief for my neighbors but it was entirely too much excitement for said fat pasty dude and I was up for the day at 5am.

This has nothing to do with the album I am reviewing. I just wanted to tell the story for entertainment’s sake. I did, however, decide to use the extra hours this morning to go through some of the albums in my “to listen to” directory but even that was quickly monopolized by Ms. Clairy Browne and her Bangin’ Rackettes who sound is almost the female answer to John Paul Keith and The 145’s. Or, just perhaps, what Lana Del Rey would sound like if she had a soul?

Anyhow, since about 5:45 this morning it’s all I’ve listened to so I decided to scrap my plans for today’s posting and share it with you too.

I hope you enjoy it, and the personal anecdote above. Here is a full stream of the album:

Here are some totally redundant mp3’s that I am only posting cause ninebullets is, in the end, an mp3 blog:

Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes – Love Letter
Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes – She Plays Up To You
Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes – Yellow Bird

And here is the the info you need to know to be in the know:

Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes’ Official Site, Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes on Facebook, Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes on Spotify, Buy Baby Caught The Bus


  1. hilarious story, great album, and for the record personal anecdotes are just one of the cool things about ninebullets writers.

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