Mar 292012

Cheap Girls dig in igneous garage rock. They get profiled in High Times. They have been Replacements-gade wrecks on stage. They have brought 90′s slackerdom into the Aught’s with hazy songs about thinking about doubt and doubting your thinking. And yet on Giant Orange, their third full-length, the seemingly nostalgic Cheap Girls have the wits to write the line, “Repeating never got you where you needed to go.”

Bands with nothing more to offer than nostalgia don’t write lines like that. Modern, terrified, uncomfortable bands write lines like that…and follow it up with the line, “I’d do anything to just move backwards when it all feels bad to stay and worse to leave.”

There’s no pretense in Cheap Girls music, no posturing, no certainty (so far); it’s all up-front fear and disorientation—great places for generationally relevant music to come from. Giant Orange is a neurotic negotiation between stagnation and self-propultion; the way that their second album My Roaring 20′s  is a negotiation between maturation and cluelessness; the way their first album Find Me a Drink Home is a negotiation between being drunk and more drunk.

Cheap Girls are in command of their sound, now is a great time to get into them if you haven’t already. They’re on a huge tourGiant Orange: Essential Listening.

Cheap Girls – Ruby
Cheap Girls – On-Off
Cheap Girls – Cored To The Empty

Buy Giant Orange on CD or vinyl from the band, buy it on iTunes, buy it on Amazon. Note the Cheap Girls website, their tour dates, and their Facebook. Stream their first two albums in-full on their bandcamp. Stream Giant Orange on their profile (it’s the first 10 songs in the queue.).

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  6 Responses to “CHEAP GIRLS — GIANT ORANGE”

  1. CHEAP GIRLS! CHEAP GIRLS! CHEAP GIRLS! I got to see them Tuesday and it was awesome!

  2. I’m loving this record. Pacer is my song of the moment but most songs on Giant Orange have been stuck in my head at one time or another.

  3. !!!!

    that’s all

  4. I saw them last Friday in Madison. I loved it and picked up Giant Orange at the merch table.

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