Sometimes ninebullets can be work, albeit enjoyable work, but work nonetheless. Then there are times where it’s fun, where you get to write about a band you really think folks will like once they’ve had a chance to hear them. The first time I wrote about The Fox Hunt it was like that, same as the first time I wrote about Strawfoot, and I’m getting that same feeling as I sit here getting ready to tell y’all about this little unsigned band from a town in Georgia you’ve never heard of (hell, I got all sorts of family in Georgia and I’ve never heard of it) that goes by the name of Chase Fifty Six.

Chase Fifty Six, like certain other notable Georgia-based bands, has a three axe attack, featuring Kenny Mac, Brent Griggs and Chris Stalcup (who is also the singer). The outfit is rounded out by Jared Cobb on drums and Jim Vollrath on bass. Their new album, Allatoona Rising, was recorded in a shack in the Georgia woods during the summer of 2009. The album features 11 tracks of something they’re calling “Georgia Rock.” Now, honestly, I’ve never heard of the Georgia Rock until now and I’m not sure Georgia has a defined enough sound to get their own genre yet, but you know, whatever. When I told my wife about the album I explained it as such, “It’s like early Drive-By Truckers. Think pre-Southern Rock Opera minus those bad attempts at being funny that the Truckers experienced from time to time. The singer sounds sort of reminiscent of Cooley, but there’s no “Love Like This” on the album. I hope no one feels like it’s a slam to say that the songwriting here isn’t on par with Cooley’s. I mean, IMO, Cooley is one of the best songwriters I’ve had the pleasure to grow up with, watch play and witness grow. So, songwriting comparisons aside, I’d like to say that Allatoona Rising is a fantastic effort from a band worth paying attention to.

Chase Fifty Six – Mary Jane
Chase Fifty Six – Goodbye Princess
Chase Fifty Six – Devil’s Bed

Chase Fifty Six’s Official Site, Chase Fifty Six on myspace, Buy Allatoona Rising


  1. Hahaha. They’re from the burbs north of Atlanta, or about a 10 minute drive from my house.

    What I want to know is why I’ve never heard of these guys? I guess they don’t play my haunts but the name doesn’t even look familiar. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye out!

    FWIW – I don’t know what the hell GA rock is either.

  2. I can certainly see why you think the singer sounds a bit like Cooley. I like it, sounds good. May just buy the album.

  3. Well I’m from Atlanta and I’ve never heard of these guys either. We actually go to lake Allatoona alot during the summer…you’d think I’d heard someone talking about ’em, Anyway good stuff hope to catch em live in the near future.

  4. @Acedbt
    Didn’t know there was anyone else on here from the area. If you like Glossary, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up with info about the Joey/Kelly houseparty next month (well, you’ll get it when I get it).

  5. Thanks for the heads-up. Just saw they’re on eMusic. Gonna go hit the DL button.

  6. Hey Guys,
    We sure do appreciate all the support!
    we’ll be playing at Nashville Palace on 8/30 – Hope those of you nearby can make it out. Were also trying to book 8/29 there as well if anyone has any suggestions for a venue and a place to stay.
    Chase Fifty Six

  7. Georgia Rock in this sense may be a new description, but remember, the alternative movement took root and still flourishes in Athens. R.E.M., B-52’s, GaudalCanal Diary,Widesread Panic, Mathew Sweet, Pylon…..on and on. This, however, would be more akin to some Georgia rockers from Macon…..The Allman Brothers. So, as this band goes, maybe it’s a new genre, but, in general, Georgia Rock has a rich and diverse history. I do GET what you are saying about this particular label affixed to a specific “new” genre. Great sounding tunage….whatever it’s called. And, by all means, visit also. From Nashville, now in L.A., but the southern soul is ALL there in that release, too. I happened to catch some of his performance at Cranes Tavern in L.A, last spring, before it was released and was blown away by the VERY heady writing. Two great new finds!!

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