I don’t fall into that line of thinking that says you have to believe in god in order to enjoy some gospel music but over the years I’ve received a few emails that would suggest some do. Typically they reduce down to, “Dude! You don’t even believe in god but you’re (usually that is spelled your) saying you love that song. Which is it?” My usual response is something along the lines of, “You’re correct. I also don’t believe in killing people but I loves me the fuck out of some gangsta rap.” Usually, that immediately puts an end to the email exchange and by mentioning it at the head of this piece I am hoping to pinch that bullshit off at the bud.

Moving on…

Charlie Parr plays a self-taught version of the Piedmont Blues that sounds like it’s hopped right off an Al Lomax field recording and into your living room. With a minimalist approach, Charlie sings about everyday people going through everyday suffering. He has seven albums of (mostly) original music to his name with last year′s Cheap Wine being his latest. Charlie decided to do the all traditional and mostly gospel route with his latest album, Keep Your Hands On The Plow. Now, I’m not gonna lie to you. I love this cd but I’m not sure it’s the best place to get your feet wet if you’re a Parr newbie. That said, if you like minimal, sometimes haunting and always pure gospel/blues then you might have just read about the newest album in your heavy rotation list. Good starting point or not, Keep Your Hands On The Plow is Essential Listening.

Charlie Parr – Gospel Plow
Charlie Parr – God Moves On The Water
Charlie Parr – Blessed Be The Name

Charlie Parr’s Official Site, Charlie Parr on Facebook, Charlie Parr on Spotify, Buy Keep Your Hands On The Plow


  1. good review, the first paragraph cracks me up, perfect response. i am a charlie parr newbie, what would you recommend for a good starter. although i do dig on “minimal, sometimes haunting and always pure gospel/blues.” so anyway, i would love some tips on charlie parr, been hearing about him for a while. KEEP FIGHTIN THE GOOD FIGHT, THANKS FOR WHAT YA DO.

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