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Another excellent year for music, friends. Here’s a list of my favorites from 2014 and I hope you find something that you missed earlier. If you’d like to hear songs from these records and more from 2014 tune in to my radio show tonight (Monday) and I’ll play you the goods. The show starts at 10pm Eastern Standard Time and you can stream it at


Adam Faucett, Blind Water Finds Blind Water – There’s nothing else that sounds like this one.

John R. Miller, Service Engine – Bare arrangements & stellar songwriting, reminds me of Killers & Stars.

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound, Self Titled – My favorite record of the year. Sad and beautiful.

Benjamin Booker, Self Titled – Worth the hype, I can’t wait to hear what the next record is all about.

Charlie Parr, Hollendale – A wild instrumental record that has grown on me.

Curtis Harding, Soul Power – A soul album that sounds at home in 1974. Listen.

Drive-By Truckers, Modern English Oceans – A dense rock record.

Kierston White, Don’t Write Love Songs – A great debut with excellent songwriting and stellar singing.

Bobby Charles, Self Titled – A vinyl reissue that’s swampy soulful with members of The Band.

Glossary, How We Handle Our Midnights – A vinyl reissue of the Glossary album that started them on an amazing run.

Lucero, Live In Atlanta – A gigantic Lucero experience. I hope you picked up the 4 LP set.

Maggie Bjorklund, Shaken – A seductive record that’s grown on me in the last few months.

Matt Woods, With Love From Brushy Mountain – Matt’s best work yet and totally fulfilling on the promise of Deadman’s Blues.

McDougall, Self Titled – This dude’s music is first rate.

The Old 97’s, Most Messed Up – The most fun record of the year and their best in a good while.

Otis Gibbs, Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth – 10 new songs by a modern-day troubadour.

Peter Buck, I Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again – Greasy garage rock from a rock’n’roll heavyweight.

Various Artists, Parchman Farms – Field recordings from the notorious Mississippi prison. Must listen.

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  1. Nice list, unfortunately only have 5 on it. I will be checking a few more out in the next few days. Thanks

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