Because Songs Matter


Do music a favor. Think about some of the tiny independent labels that put out music you like and buy some music from them. Everyone’s figured out the support the bands and buy from the shows gimmick….well, we need those tiny labels taking up peoples spare bedrooms too.

Support them tonight.

Buy a cd.


  1. June 30, 2010    

    I find this post kinda spooky. Makin’ me nervous sir.

  2. Martin Luther Presley Martin Luther Presley
    July 1, 2010    

    Damn right. Like independent record stores small labels are vital in creating “scenes” (in lack of a better word. I hope you know what I mean, I don’t mean some exclusive inner circle hipster bullshit), setting up exciting tours, getting the goods out, and letting the bands concentrate on making music. Now I know bands can do that all by themselves these days, but where would music be today without Dischord, Sun, Crypt, early Sub Pop, etc.?

  3. alex_supertramp alex_supertramp
    July 1, 2010    

    amen brother….

  4. July 1, 2010    

    Jayke Orvis’s (former .357 String Band, now Goddamn Gallows) new solo project “It’s All Been Said” from Farmageddon Records would be a good pick.

  5. Shaun Shaun
    July 1, 2010    

    Agree with you about the labels, of course, but I always thought I was doing bands right by buying CD’s at the gig. Turns out I was wrong.

    Check out the threads on Bob Lefsetz’s page regarding merch takes by venues. Right or wrong, it doesn’t put the most $$ in the band’s pocket. I think band website is always the way to go for that.

  6. alex_supertramp alex_supertramp
    July 2, 2010    

    shaun — thanks for spreading the good word…it is amazing how over the years everybody has their hands in the artist’s pocket, and the person putting the most of themselves into what everyone else is even there for (the music) end up getting the short end of the stick… the beauty of the internet is now the fan can at least try and interact and support (ok sure, stalk and harass as well) the artist more directly…

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