Because Songs Matter


You’ll find love for Catherine Irwin‘s work in two decades-worth of homemade zines in alternative libraries across the country, on mixtapes that have earned their retirement, and all over Neko Case and Kelly Hogan albums. On Little Heater, her second solo album, it’s clear why she’s so significant. She that enduringly great kind of a writer.

Her command of language and voice is rare. Her music replenishes roots like Derroll Adams and Patsy Cline while nursing her own slow-sad songs to fragile-firm heights. Maybe depths more than heights. They’re mud-hymns. Little Heater is probably a track or two too long, gets momentarily stuck around track 4 & 5, but it’s still a gift–strong arms dipping you into sublime space. Be trusting and giving and grateful.

Catherine Irwin - The Whole Of The Law     

Catherine Irwin - Hoopskirt     

Catherine Irwin - Save Our Ship     

Take home Little Heater on LP, CD, and MP3 from Chicago’s esteemed Thrill Jockey Records. Irwin blogs here. Check out Freakwater’s new official Facebook. Find out all about Irwin’s career from the comprehensive Freakwater fansite Lonesome Sound.

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