The Rock Report – Kenny Wayne Shepherd @ Tampa Theater (4/28)

Shreveport, Louisiana guitar prodigy Kenny Wayne Shepherd brought his travelling version of the 10 Days Out…..Blues from the Backroads cd/dvd collaboration to Tampa for a night of rock and blues guitar worship.

The show began with KWS and his band doing a short set of music from Kenny’s earlier releases. I viewed this as an opening act and counted the songs until the meat of the show began. I like Kenny’s music, a lot; but this night was about the fellas he brought on tour with him, and I could not wait for them to get on stage.

Before the touring “guests” came on stage, Kenny stepped to the mic and gave a brief synopsis of the 10 Days Out project. Then he let some clips from the beginning credits of the dvd run on a movie screen along with some clips from Buddy Flett‘s portion of the disc before Buddy took the stage. This was when the fun began! Five songs full of slide guitar solo’s by Buddy and ending his set with Honky Tonk Blues from the 10 Days Out cd, the show was only set to get better. Before Buddy left the stage he and Kenny sat down to pay homage to the late Etta Baker by playing her 10 Days Out contribution Knoxville Rag.

This led to welcoming Jessie Sanders to the stage. Jessie’s Chicago blues style guitar playing and harmonica really seemed to energize the crowd. Jessie seemed to be having more fun than anyone else on the stage during his set, which culminated in a tit-for-tat exchange of guitar licks with Kenny in a crowd rousing “Got My Mojo Workin’.”

Next to take the stage was Bryan Lee. Bryan gave Kenny his first chance on a stage at the age of 13 and now things come full circle as Kenny gets to take Mr. Lee out on tour with him. Since I got 10 Days Out and started collecting the music of the artists featured on the disc , Bryan Lee has without question been my favorite, and he did not disappoint on this night as he brought his New Orleans flavor to the stage. Closing Bryan’s set with the crowd pleasing Tina Marie set the stage for all of the nights participants to join him and Kenny for a few songs.

For an encore Kenny came out and did a version of Voodoo Child that would have made Jimmy sit back and take notice. It definitely left the crowd speechless. Which leads me to an overall observation of the show. As talented as Kenny Wayne Shepherd is, and the boy has got talent to spare, he was content to take a back seat during the bulk of the show, much like he did on the cd. This truly was a homage to his influences. In an era of the look at me attitudes of athletes and rock stars it was pretty damned refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, Kenny got his share of the spotlight but when it was time for the other people to shine he was able to blend in and play the role of backing band member with a sincerity and grace that I can appreciate.

Should the Blues from the Backroads tour get back out on the road and come to your town you should make a point to go. It is a rare treat to see the collection of talent that this tour offers on a single stage.

Muddy Waters – Got My Mojo Working

Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Also, here is a clip from Kenny’s new cd/dvd, 10 Days Out…Blues from the Backroads. It is from the documentary you get and is KWS with the surving members of Muddy Waters’ band. This is my personal favorite performance on the cd.

Rock Report: Radio Moscow @ New World Brewery (4/20)

When I initially wrote about Radio Moscow I said it could be an early contender for show of the year. Boy was I right. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but: WOOOWOOO! I hit the nail right on the head and I’m guessing that the 50 or so people who made it until the 1:15 am start would agree with me. I have no idea how many people at the show knew who Radio Moscow were, but I’m guessing that damned near every single one of them will be bringing a friend to the next show these kids play in Tampa.

You see bands described as primal all the time. Hell, I’ve used the term, but at the Radio Moscow show you could see it. People everywhere, goose-necking, feet-stomping, hands clapping, motherfuckers playing air guitar, one dude dancing, and this one fella was going all Joe Cocker and shit. It was awesome. All of this mind you, by a crowd that I’m gonna guess was largely unfamiliar with band. While trying to tell you people what the band was like, I kept coming back to the reaction of the crowd. They were infectious. The drummer seemed to be beating his kit into submission as much as playing it, and fucking singer/guitarist? Forget about it. They are a huge, loud guitar orgy just waiting for you to give them an ear. And Tampa did. In all the shows I’ve seen at New World I have never seen a band play an encore and Radio Moscow was not planning on playing one either but the crowd demanded it. I ain’t exaggerating either. The crowd seriously demanded it and the band couldn’t hide the smiles when they came out to play it. So, if you can imagine it, the bar is closed, the house lights are on, and none of the people present at the beginning of the show have left and furthermore, they are begging for more. And all of this from a band most had never heard of an hour before.

Radio Moscow made some fans in Tampa. I hope Tampa made some fans outta Radio Moscow.

If these kids come to your town don’t pass on it. Trust me, you’ll thank me the next day.

Radio Moscow – Mistreating Queen
Radio Moscow – Timebomb

Radio Moscow’s myspace site, Radio Moscow on Alive Records, Buy Radio Moscow’s debut cd
Sadly enough, I forgot to take the camera and therefore have no pictures for you.

Rock Report: The Roots @ House of Blues in Orlando

Okay, here is the deal. Real work has it’s size 14 firmly up my ass this week so this will be my last post till next week. Last Saturday we went out to the land of the rat for The Roots show. I have been a fan of The Roots for years but had never managed to see them live. Walking in my expectations were sky high….nice venue, large crowd, awesome band, a designated driver that was not myself and recently voted best hip-hop act in the Central Florida scene Sol.iLLaquists of Sound opening the show.

The moment Sol.iLLaquists of Sound took the stage my expectations were blown away like a frog with an m-80 in it’s ass. These guys are a social hiphop act with (1) male rapper, (1) female rapper/singer, (1) female backup vocals and (1) guy on the drum machines. They sound sort of like The Black Eyed Peas if B.E.P. was still making descent music. With politically charged lyrics heavy on social and self awareness. Notice I did not mention a DJ in their lineup? They have this guy…he has 3 drum machines and he plays them things like pianos. It is truly awe inspiring to watch live as he plays 90% of the music live. I hope to do a full feature on these guys in the coming weeks.

Next up was The Roots. They opened up their portion of the show by marching through the arena with horns and cowbells before taking the stage. First they took the stage, then they took over the night. To say these guys are talented is like saying North Dakota is a little chilly in February. Their show flowed seamlessly from hip-hop to soul to funk to rock to jazz and back again. Everybody from ?uest to the horn-line got their time on centerstage. They did originals, Bob Dylan covers, Police covers and a hip-hop montage in the middle of the show that was about 15 songs with snips of everything from Salt ‘n Pepper to Talib Kweli to Wu-Tang. Probably the most impressive moment of the show, to me, was when the guitarist, Kirk Douglas did a note perfect version of the Star Spangled Banner but replaced the lyrics with the lyrics of Dylan’s Masters of War. (youtube clip)

It is not very often you go to a show and have your already high expectations obliterated. This was one of those times. There will never be another Roots show in the Central Florida area that doesn’t have my ass firmly planted somewhere in the audience. I would reccommend both Sol.iLLaquists of Sound and The Roots to anyone. Seriously, even if you are not a fan of hiphop I can almost guarantee that you would have a great time seeing The roots. They are just that good. The Legendary Roots Crew indeed.

The Rock Report: Scott H. Biram @ The Orpheum, Ybor City

I wasn’t gonna say anything at all about this show. I figured since I already admitted SHB was one of my 3 favorite artists then it would be obvious that I thought the show was awesome. I did. This show was so much better than the last time he came to town. A bigger crowd made him even better and the crowd actually knew the songs. Instead of me going on and on about how good the show was I figured I would let someone else tell you. I have this friend who really digs live music who came out for the show even though he is no real fan of Biram’s recorded material. So, before the show I asked him if he would do a show review afterwards. Well, he agreed and here you go:

Scott H. Biram Show Review by Jason Richardson

You know I am not the biggest Biram fan but I like live music in general regardless of genre. In my opinion that is how music is meant to be enjoyed, technology allows recording only recently and the expense of the equipment it once required is why we are now embroiled in the arguement over copyrights and illegal downloading.  Long after the reason for paying for a record is gone we still do so which I find curious. Anyway, I checked out the opening acts on their respective myspace pages earlier in the day and was excited to see the first group.  A large band from Lakeland called Semisoul was a great surprise. Female lead vocals, a rapper, and a horn section round out the stardard power trio very well. That and I think the female singer was checking me out a little bit.  Well…maybe she was just worried because I almost bumped into her but I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

My friend Diana was excited to see the Dead Popes and I realized that I am friends with the drummer only when I saw them setting up.  Fun rockabilly guys with a very tight sound and a fun attitude and I was pretty happy with the show by this point.

Finally it was time for Scott Biram.  I had heard him earlier when he was doing his sound check and the amount of music he can generate all by himself is really staggering.  He was really a great performer and musician.  He was able to banter with the audience, tune his guitar, work a bass pedal to keep the beat, blow on the harmonica, and growl into his mic/bullhorn.  You don’t really know what to expect when the little guy in the green trucker cap sits down on the stage. Biram looks like a guy you’d pass coming out of the bathroom at a Flying J truckstop on I-10.  However he attacks honky tonk and blues with a vicious growl and doesn’t let you go until you are stomping you feet and screaming “Whiskey!” along with the 40 or so others that stayed all night on a Sunday evening.
Anyway you wanted to see what I thought about the show and this is it, if you are a lover of music I think you should make time to go see all kinds of music, sometimes you find something live that you would never even consider on your Ipod or cd player.

And there you go. Biram was awesome. Go see him when he comes to your town.

OH YEAH! I also managed to take some pictures this time. If you want, CHECK THEM OUT.

Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat and Murder
Scott H. Biram – Been Down too Long
Scott H. Biram – Raisin’ Hell Again
Scott H. Biram – Long Fingernail

Scott H. Biram’s Official Site
, Scott H. Biram on Bloodshot Records, Scott H. Biram’s myspace site

Rock Report: Old Crow Medicine Show

The rain stopped as dusk approached after a good couple hours of black skies, heavy rains, thunder, and me sitting in the office cussin’ up a whole other storm all together. The skies were still threatening and a heavy fog was rolling in as I left St. Pete for Skipper’s. Old Crow came to Tampa for the first time ever and we welcomed them with a sell-out crowd that showed up despite the weather. This was billed as “An Evening with Old Crow Medicine Show” and as I’m sure plenty of you know, that means the band is gonna play for a long time. There was no opening act and Old Crow played 2 sets. The first one was much shorter than the last so it was like they just opened up for themselves stopped when the usual opener would stop. Went back stage to get right and came back onstage about 30 minutes later.

They were wonderful. As usual at Skipper’s, the sound was spot on. Five guys, all playing some form of a stringed instrument save for the occasional harmonica. Ketch Secor was playing the fiddle so hard that at one point rosin was coming off the bow in clumps.  He (ketch) is definitely the showman of the group . His mannerisms on-stage really remind me of JD Wilkes sans the pubic hair tossing, snot rocket shooting and all the other forms of fluid sharing that makes Mr. Wilkes Mr. Wilkes. They played all the crowd favorites and also managed to get in every song I wanted to hear except the “My Good Gal”. Highlights of the night had to be Wagon Wheel, God’s Got It, Cocaine Habit, and Minglewood Blues. Speaking of Minglewood Blues, the harmonica work in that song is even more impressive live than it is on cd. The show ended after a 3 song encore around 11:30.

I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was so into the show I did not wanna be distracted. Hopefully, we’ll get a return visit before another 6 years passes.

Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel
Old Crow Medicine Show – Minglewood Blues
Old Crow Medicine Show – God’s Got It

Visit Old Crow’s Official Site, Buy O.C.M.S. Merchandise

Fear and Loathing on the Thanksgiving concert trail of '06…

Fear and Loathing on the Thanksgiving concert trail of ’06…or Rock Report: Lucero/DBT….or How I Learned to Stop Raging and Love the Traffic…

So, some 2 hotels, 1400 miles in 2 days, and I am here to speak about the Lucero/DBT show at the Alabama Theater. Our original plan was to take off in the wee hours of the morning on the day of the show and return the following morning. As luck would have it all of the people slated to go with us had to back out due to the sexually transmitted disease known as parenthood and the airborne communicable disease known as the cold. So we decided to leave a day earlier and break the trip up across two days. “Breaking the trip up” was a night in Macon, Georgia…we stayed at the home of the most uncomfortable bed in the Southeast. Upon arriving we decided to go have some drinks in the hotel lounge before attempting to sleep on the concrete slab known as a bed — and here is where the fun begins.

Redneck karaoke, 11pm in Macon baby…supermullets, high waisted jeans, and angry drunk people in full effect. We got lucky and walked in just as the karaoke “DJ” was taking a break. We order some double talls and take a seat in the back of the bus….about 10 minutes into the evening supermullet man at the table beside us decides he wants to listen to some songs on the jukebox…now, before I continue this story I must tell you…supermullet man was fucking drunk….stupid drunk…like weeble might wobble dropping cigarettes on the floor fucking drunk, and he was with his woman…a fat…angry looking woman…i do not think she spoke the entire time we were in there, and she was spoken to enough that her lack of speech was odd…but back to the story…supermullet man wanted to listen to the music on the jukebox…one issue: listening to music on a jukebox requires putting money into it, and this was a trick that supermullet man had not perfected…after numerous attempts to get the dollar in he finally ended up on his knees staring into the dollar slot…cussing and pushing this dollar at the slot like a 15 year old with his homecoming date, but in a testament to perseverance, the jukebox like said homecoming date, finally gave up and accepted the dollar. It quickly become apparent to anyone whose sister is not their mother that supermullet man did not believe the rumor that the jukebox had multiple pages and promptly spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what songs he was gonna play…finally he picks his 3 songs….One of which included, i shit you not….70’s era Cher, and sits down to drink and cuss some more while his woman sat in her angry silence. Once Cher ended I begged a dollar out of the wife and beat supermullet man to the dollar slot…mind you, this made supermullet man *really* unhappy, and punched up 3 songs of my own, the first of which was a Merle Haggard song…”At least it’s country” he calls from his table….and then, I wowed him with my jukebox page flipping abilities…..thus ended the night…sorta….the night never ended because sleeping was not a real possibility in the p.o.s. bed so we got up and got going pretty fucking early in the morning….and as a parting shot, the hotel made sure there was no hot water for our showers….cold showers, shit coffee, and one forgotten pillow later we left Macon for Birmingham.

The trip to Birmingham happened without incident. The afternoon leading up to the show was nice and casual with a nap, an FSU and USF game, and a nice lunch with some pretty awesome locals who called each other by Bob….there was Billy Bob, Gary Bob, Skip Bob, and a few other Bobs I can’t recall. They were fun and definitely worth drinking a beer with. Prior to the show we met some Internet pals for food and drinks and then it was off to the Alabama Theater. The trip was the kind of excitement only 8 people in a single car can provide.

Before I talk about the show let me take a moment to talk about the theater. It was built in the 20’s and is beautiful, but that’s all I can say about the venue that is positive…the beer “selection” included Miller Lite and….well…Miller Lite…the mixed drinks were electronically measured aaaaand expensive but this was just a minor annoyance…the security staff on the other hand was probably the most rude I have seen in a long long time…We saw people getting dressed down and harassed all over the place…but whatever…we drank Miller Lite…weak expensive whiskey drinks and avoided the butt-hole security staff and we liked it…..we liked it fine.

The show started, oddly enough, right on time and it was immediately evident that the bulk of Trucker fans are not aware of the awesomeness of Lucero. As I have said before, I drink way too much to remember sets but the show opened with “That Much Further West” and included The War, Kiss the Bottle, 1979 and (2) of my favorites: Slow Dancing and Hate and Jealousy…and while I have never felt so removed from the band at a Lucero show they were still great….sober, but great…The sound at the theater was probably the best I have ever heard at a live show…anywhere…ever…I hope some of the people sitting on their hands appreciated the band and look into their music….I will see Lucero again in a few weeks and while the sound will not be nearly as good it will be nice to be up close and surrounded by fans…Next up, DBT…the reason for the evenin…The last few times I have seen the truckers live it did not seem like they were too into it….it just seemed like they were just up there playing the songs…on this night, that was not the case…oh no, the three axe attack brought the rock show and they brought it with authority…their set was light on new material (tome that was an acknowledgement that the new CD failed to bring the rock) and heavy on rock…the set included 3 trips to the beer/whiskey line, Daddy’s Cup, Zip City, Sinkhole and closed the night out with a cover of Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love….in the lead-in to Let There Be Rock Patterson gave a small monologue discussing the past and future of rock and roll and called The Dexeteens out as the future of rock….I decided then and there that I needed to do a write-up on them boys…their last 2 albums have been phenomenal and you can expect an introduction in a few days. All in all it was an awesome night and the sound quality alone was worth the trip. We were supposed to meet some friends for more drinks after the show but our own intoxication took over on the way to the bar so we did what any responsible person does…..we decided to go to a bar closer to the room….the rest of this evening includes broken laws, broken hearts, body fluids, hungry cops and stories not to be told.

While, honestly, there was no fear on the trip the loathing came into play on the return home. Our 9.5 hour trip up turned into a 12 hour trip home…200 miles of traffic jam…anger, punching steering wheels, questioning god…it was terrible….my braking leg is sore today…but we finally made it home….just in time to watch Dexter no less. I think it is gonna take the rest of the week to recover from the trip but all in all I think it was definitely worth it….and all you Tampa/St. Pete people…December 13 @ The State, Lucero is playing….come…witness the awesomeness that is Lucero…drink beer and sway to sad songs. I do not think DBT will be down Florida way anytime soon.

I tried to take some pictures but they did not really come out due to assigned seating and shitty camera….The few that did turn out are here if you wanna see them.

Rock Report: The Weary Boys

Weary Boys....weary and live.
The Weary Boys came to town Saturday night looking a little…well, weary. Seems the boys got down with bottles in both hands the night before and were feeling the effects well into the evening….As they were preparing to play you could see Mario take a deep breath and it was on. Once they started playing any ill effects they were feeling from the night before were put behind them and the show began. I drink too much to ever recall what gets played and when…it is my vice and I embrace it with vigor. They played Weary originals, Hank Williams covers, Charlie Daniels covers and even started openly taking requests. They were a little more rockified this time around with the bassist playing an electric bass for a significant amount of the show and the drummer even abandoning his brushes for actual drumsticks at times. It is a nice addition to the show…i wonder if it a nod to the direction they are heading in the future. The crowd was a typical Weary Boys crowd…dancing, drinking and singing the songs. All in all it was a good time had by all. Next time they come through town you should make a point to get out to the New World and enjoy these guys while you can still say you saw them when.

Opening the show was The Diviners and they ended their set with an absolutely awesome slowed down country version of The Ramones classic I wanna Be Sedated. I wish there was a recording of it I could share with you guys. Perhaps Will will get a recording of it and share it with us on their myspace site.
Will of The Diviners

Rock Report: The Twilight Singers

originally, I was not going to write anything about this show. I was not familiar with their music until the day before the show and did not feel like I could speak with any authority on the show….but my wife said I should writeup what I told her about the show and since she generally dispenses good advice my way I will type a little about it….So to set the scene a little….On my way to work on a Monday morning I have never heard the Twilight Singers…..get an email Monday morning from a friend w/a free ticket to see said band…I accept (I never pass on free shows of national acts) and figure I need to know who I am going to see on Tuesday night…through some RItwoA frowned upon measures I acquired a Twilight Singers cd and I listen….Color me unimpressed. They are not bad….there just was not anything there that caught my attention….I listened to the cd twice and could not have described anything about it 5 minutes after I turned it off. So I went to the show with low expectations and pretty much figured I would leave 5 or so songs into the set. Boy was I wrong. Live they put on a fantastic show and the songs carried so much more presence live….It was a complete 180 from the cd. The stage lighting really helped add to the power of the show. I really can not tell you much about what they played since I do not really know any of their music. They had a alternate singer that came out and did a few songs with them and that wasdefinitely the highlight of the show…with him singing they were fucking great…with they other singer they were just normal great. So, if the Twilight Singers ever come to your town I say go….even if you have no opinion on their music go…you, like me, might end uppleasantly surprised. Furthermore, the next day I listed to the cd once more to see if I would feel any better about it after seeing them live. Nope.

The Rock Report: The Cult

I went and saw the cult on friday night and i have been trying to decide what i thought of the show ever since. i mean, i love The Cult…I really do and the show was good…I mean, Janus always sounds good and Ian still sounds like Ian and they are The Cult and they played almost all of the songs I wanted to hear….i dunno, to write this I drank 5 Beam and Gingers in hopes that I could find the clarity to voice my thoughts of the show….i do not wanna be a critic…i mean, those who can — do; and those who can not — judge those who do and I’d feel like an asshole sitting here writing that the show was bad…from my living room in nowhere ass Saint Petersburg…especially, when…in reality…the show did not suck….it was just unfulfilling ….I mean, it was the cult and they sounded like the cult….but…and i will hate myself for typing this when i am done but…it felt insincere…you could not see any passion in them…and that was what troubled me from the show until now…and then, on the way home from work I may have found the source of my disappointment…..too damn many people…ain’t that a bitch…Maybe…just maybe I go to too many shows of bands I really and truly love and I watch them with 50 to 250 other people…and while it is common consensus that bands play harder to bigger crowds it could be that they (bands) in all honestly play harder to smaller crowds…or maybe they just feel more connected or…fuck, i dunno…i am one of those who can not, who is trying to prop up those who can, and I’m sitting here drunk, trying to discuss my disappointment with a show, and yet I do not really know why I was bummed out…Is it that bands playing to big crowds feel it is easier to disconnect and just go through the motions, or is it that people in the midst of the big crowd will not feel a connection with the band? people (like myself) who attend too many small shows a year for a lesser liver to take will always feel let down by big shows because of the disconnect? I do not know and am far to tipsy to care since…and i know this is true…The Cult ain’t thinking about St. Pete no there we are…The Cult sounded like The Cult and they played the tracks I wanted to hear (except one) but in the end I just felt unsatisfied for a reason I can not put a finger on….and even after liberal doses of the magic potion that is Jim Beam I do not know…but i do know this…as i type this the dvd Two Cow Garage gave me is playing on my tv and I feel more connected to a dvd recorded years ago than i did to that show.

The End.

This article could have really been a moment if i was not 3/4 cocked….i bet Scott @ Stereogum never has this problem…heh heh…

The Rock Report: Two cow Garage @ New World Brewery

I have listened to their cd’s for a few years. I had read about their show. I had assumed it was gonna be a heck of a rock show…I did not knowI was not ready….I had never seen Two Cow before last night…part of the sacrifice of living in Florida is smaller bands do not get down here…..but Two Cow finally came and boy did they bring the rock with ’em. We missed the local opener “The Human Condition” due to the rare show starting on time…..My friend gave the show high marks. The following band was the touring opener “Glossary“. I had never heard Glossary before last night. They are pretty mellow band with a pedal steel guitar player. Anytime a live band uses a pedal steel it is a good time. Unfortunatly, I did not know any of their songs and the vocals were low in the mix (or I am mostly deaf) so I was unable to make them out. I now have a cd of theirs to get familiar with though…if I like it I will type up some words on it in the coming weeks. After Glossary came Two Cow Garage. Three guys w/a lot of hair and the kind of rock that would make Jack Black chub up. They opened with a new song that will be on their upcoming (March 2007) cd and it was break neck from there…loud…damn were they loud..but they had to be cause the drummer was beating on the drums like a little brother….at one point he was even playing with half a stick….not to be out done Shane and Micah beat on their guitars with an equal amount of aggression, energy and passion…At the beginning of the show Micah said he had thought about mailing the show in but Glossary had done so well he was gonna have to work. After watching the show, I do not think it is possible for these guys to mail it in. The passion these guys play and sing with is palpable and infectious. Halfway through the show I said to my wife “these guys just make you wanna drink beers with them.” Watching them play onstage makes it easy to root for them….you would almost have to be an asshole not to. After the show me and the wife spent an hour or so shooting the shit with Shane about everything from tour tales to guavaween suckness to The Replacements and Springsteen to the awesomeness of their good friends and faves I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House (who I *really* need to write a post about). Usually, when you meet a band they are nice and gracious but they talk backwards…what I mean by that is that they are willing to talk but only for a moment…they are always on their way to do something….Not these guys…shit, I venture to guess that if my lame ass real world job would not have forced me to leave that me and the wife would have pulled some more money from the ATM and hung out these guys and had beers and good times till last call. I begged them to come back down this way. Begged to the point of almost embarrassing myself….but you can not embarrass yourself when you are trying to get a good rock show into town….but mark my words….if they are wiling to come back down into Florida in support of their new cd I will do everything I can to get them shows in a few towns and their Tampa show can be the first presents show….and Shane, if you are reading this I was fuck-an-A serious about that barbecue and bottle of whiskey…for both you and ICLASOB…I got spare beds and a couch y’all can sleep on and a never ending supply of whiskey….PLEASE play Florida again.

Friday night I am gonna go see The Cult…and, i m excited about that show…but I can tell you right now…The Cult will rock half as hard and have twice the “rock star” attitude as Two Cow Garage. When/If they return to Tampa…any of my friends that read this who do not go can expect to get punched in the stomach.

Two Cow Garage – Burn in Hell
Two Cow Garage – Alphabet City
Two Cow Garage – Saturday Night