Michael Dean Damron's "When The Darkness Come" Release

That’s right, folks. For you sad sacks who slept in and forgot to Kickstart Michael Dean Damron (of I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House) and his new record, now you can purchase it for your very own!

You can read RomeoSidVicious’ review here, but if you’re reading this website you should really just grab the record because it’s the only correct answer.

When The Darkness Come is Mike D’s most refined work yet, and is undoubtedly the product of his collaboration with Fernando Viciconte, who produced the record. It maintains the heavy sound associated with Damron’s music, but also provides this incredible creepy depth…if the next season of True Detective has any sense, they’re going to put a Mike D song on the soundtrack.

You can find it over at CDBaby or Amazon, or you can hunt Mike down at a show and give him a big sweaty hug and hand him a wad of money yourself: that is the preferred method of transaction.

Let the Wretched Come Home



Fresh off the success of the “Deadman’s Blues” single, Nine Bullets favorite Matt Woods is set to release his long-awaited full length album With Love From Brushy Mountain. If you’re a regular listener to Nine Bullets radio you’ve no doubt heard “Deadman’s Blues”, “Lucero Song”, and “Ain’t No Living” (which debuted on last weekend’s show). Matt lives on the road, playing shows to crowds large and small and spreading the gospel of his own brand of country music. Please support Matt by pre-ordering his new album here.

With Love From Brushy Mountain will be released on May 13th with pre-orders shipping 7 to 10 days prior to the release date. Please share this with all of your friends, your family, and even people you don’t really like!


Well, well, well. Doc Dailey and crew are prepping a brand new album entitled Catch The Presidents for a September release date. They’ve set up an IndieGoGo fund raiser so you can preorder the cd and they can use those monies to press said cds.

Needless to say, I have some seriously high hopes for this album. Here are some highlights from their last:

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Prove Me Wrong
Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Sunday School
Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – Blue-Eyed Blonde

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil’s Official Site, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil on Facebook, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil on Twitter, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil on bandcamp, Buy Victims, Enemies & Old Friends


Gillian Welch will release her first album in 8 years, The Harrow & The Harvest, on June 28. Let the countdown begin.

She is also embarking on a 70 city tour starting on May 30.

    Here is the track listing:

1. Scarlet Town
2. Dark Turn Of Mind
3. The Way It Will Be
4. The Way It Goes
5. Tennessee
6. Down Along The Dixie Line
7. Six White Horses
8. Hard Times (Ain’t Gonna Rule My Mind)
9. Silver Dagger
10. The Way The Whole Thing Ends

Gillian Welch – Revelator

Mark it down: January 22, 2008

Just dropping a few lines real quick before I get in my car….January 22, mark it down. If you are a fan of this here blog then you’ll be a fan of this date. We get the following releases:

Drive-By Truckers – Brighter Than Creation’s Dark
Drag the River – You Can’t Live This Way
North Mississippi Allstars – Hernando

Oh yeah! I’ll be locked up in my living room that week with a couple bottles of whiskey and headphones affixed to my head.

Track from the upcoming Drag the River album: Br00tal

Damn Right, Rebel Proud gets pushed back…

Last month I posted that the new Hank III album, Damn Right Rebel Proud, had recieved a released date of December 18, 2007. I then went on to say:

Now, if past action is any indicator to future action, this date will get pushed back 10 times before the album actually sees a store shelf. But we can hope Mike keeps his head out of his ass and just let’s the album drop.

Well, I guess that ass is a cozy place cause the cd has been pushed back to “sometime in 2008”. Sometime. In other words, no time soon. On the Cussin’ board Hank III himself said, “There is one thing holding the cd back.Its called Legal issues! Nothing else.” Whatever that means. I say this: Fuck Curb Records.

Hank III – Dick in Dixie

Live version of The Grand Ole Opry (Ain’t So Grand Anymore):

New Drive-By Truckers gets a release date…

This may have been established elsewhere but this morning was the first time I had seen a hard date mentioned for DBTs new cd; Brighter The Creations Dark. I quote from Patterson’s latest message to the fans:

Lots of folks have been asking us about our plans for New Years Eve.
We have a long tradition of playing with our dear friends Centro-matic for NYE.
That is all still being worked out, but there is a hitch:
The new album hits the streets on january 22 (21 if you’re in Europe).
With a new album hitting so close to the holidays, there is a big concern about playing a town right before.
All of that is still being worked out by the powers that be (fingers crossed) but it is out of our hands. Soon as we know something we’ll pass it along to you.

So there you go. New DBT in January…judging from the bootlegs coming out of the Dirt Underneath shows it’ll be their best effort since Decoration Day. Here are my favorite two tracks they’ve been playing.

Drive-By Truckers – Ghost to Most
Drive-By Truckers – Daddy Needs A Drink

This site’s namesake: Drive-By Truckers – Nine Bullets

Damn Right, Rebel Proud gets release date:

JUNE 30, 2008 EDIT: Check out my post here.

(EDIT: The album got pushed back….of course. See my post about it here)
According to Curb, Hank III‘s new album, Damn Right Rebel Proud, will be released on December 18. Now, if past action is any indicator to future action, this date will get pushed back 10 times before the album actually sees a store shelf. But we can hope Mike keeps his head out of his ass and just let’s the album drop. Here is the tracklisting:

  1. The Grand Ole Opry
  2. Wild & Free
  3. Me & My Friends
  4. 6 Pack Of Beer
  5. I Wish I Knew
  6. If You Can’t Help Your Own
  7. Candidate For Suicide
  8. H8 Line
  9. Long Hauls And Close Calls
  10. Stoned & Alone
  11. P.F.F.

Hank III – Dick in Dixie

Live version of The Grand Ole Opry (Ain’t So Grand Anymore):

Hellfire Hymns is available for pre-order:

I got the goddamned grim news from Those Poor Bastards this morning:

Pre-order is now available for “Hellfire Hymns“. Don’t forget to take yourself a look at our horrific new posters. Forgive us Lord.