American Dirt – Sunken Gardens – Exclusive Stream

The crew over at Twang N Bang is always great, and when they asked us to host an exclusive stream of the new American Dirt album I just couldn’t say “No”. It’s currently in pre-order so your first chance to hear the whole is right here. I will be reviewing the album closer to the release date so I won’t go in to too much detail here but I can say that it’s one of my favorite releases of 2015. I really like the sound these guys have the lyrics that come from their trio of songwriters never fails to impress. So without further ado, here is the Sunken Gardens.

By the by, this is not quite a full stream, there are live and demo tracks that you can’t hear here so you really have no excuse not to go pre-order this. You’ve heard, it’s good, and there’s more stuff to hear. What else could you ask for?


This has been a pretty amazing year for music so far and 9 Bullets has been able to be part of quite a lot that in one way or another. The awesomeness that is this year so far isn’t really showing any sign of slowing and to prove it the venerable Mr. Cory Branan has announced the pre-order for his next record. I don’t really feel like much has to be said about this as anyone who’s been around here for any length of time knows Cory’s music pretty well. If you don’t then you have two options: take my word for it and pre-order the record or go do your fucking homework and then pre-order it. There’s also an iTunes pre-order but I’m only linking that once since I hate iAnything and since this is my site I can be a bastard like that.

You can also stalk Cory Branan on Twitter (his FB is pretty much just his tweets) and follow Bloodshot Records on Facebook.



Here it is boys and girls, the pre-order for one of my most anticipated albums of the year! Caleb has been a favorite of mine since I saw him perform with John Moreland a while back and I’m sincerely honored he’s letting us announce this pre-order. He’s releasing this on with the kids over at This Is American Music, 9B favorites of course, and they’ve already given us a sneak peak at the opening track:

If that isn’t enough to get you pining for a copy of this record then I am not sure what will! Well there’s this video for my favorite track on the album:

Seriously folks, I’ve heard this album, because I’m just cooler than you, and it’s more than worth your time. I hear tell Caleb will personally make out with you if you pre-order! (Or maybe it was Corey Flegel promising make out sessions, or I could be making that up.). So click the link and get this thing pre-ordered already.

Caleb is about to launch a tour supporting this release so make sure you check out the tour dates and don’t miss him if he’s in your area:

6/21 – Album release @ Gasa Gasa in New Orleans, LA

6/30 – The 5 Spot “in the round” w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & John Moreland in Nashville, TN

7/1 – Sleepy Owl Brewery w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & Steve Gilbert in Kingsport, TN

7/2 – The Green Room w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Athens, GA

7/3 – Slim’s w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Raleigh, NC

7/5 – House Show w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan email for info in Westminster, MD

7/6 – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in New York City, NY

7/8 – The Saint w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Asbury Park, NJ

7/9 – The Queen: World Cafe Live w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Wilmington, DE

7/10 – Club 603 w/Aaron Lee Tasjan in Baltimore, MD

7/11 – The Garage w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & AMIGO in Winston-Salem, NC

7/12 – Tommy’s Pub w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & Ross Adams in Charlotte, NC

7/13 – Red Door Tavern w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Coumbia, SC

7/14 – Georgia Theatre Rooftop w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan & Scott Low in Athens, GA

7/15 – Eddie’s Attic w/ Aaron Lee Tasjan in Atlanta, GA

7/25 – Molly’s w/Those Crosstown Rivals in Houston, TX

See more tour info on Caleb’s website
Stalk Caleb on Facebook
Stalk This Is American Music on Facebook

And a final word from Caleb himself…

There will be no making out!



This cd found it’s way to me via Sarah Davis, a name you might recognize from another ninebullets fave, Alone At 3am. She was/is a part of the creation and was really excited to get it some radio play on it and after listening to a single track from it on youtube; so was I. A few emails were exchanged and suddenly I had the complete cd. Literally straight from the mastering house. Untagged mp3’s and all (my fault since I was the one who compressed the files).

Arlo McKinley and Co. come to us via Cincinnati, Ohio and in a rare twist they’re a band that spent a few years honing their sound before releasing any material. The band, having formed back in 2011 showed a patience we rarely see anymore by letting the membership and sound go through it’s normal flux before exposing us in the outside of Ohio world know who they were. Hell, there is still scant information on them on the internets right now. That said, the patience paid off in spades when the band entered The Southgate House Revival to begin tracking their debut album, live, in a single day.

With a little internet googles you will learn that The Southgate House Revival is a former Episcopal church turned venue/occasional recording room. Arlo and Co. chose to record in the upstairs room, known as The Revival Room which had formerly served the Sunday School spaces. It was a favorite of the engineers due to it’s high ceilings, open space and clean sounds. The resulting recording you hear is those sessions with but a few harmonies added via a “professional” studio.

My take on the cd?

Perfection. For the soundscape it lies in I challenge you to find a flaw in it. It’s almost scary how good this album is in my opinion. Like, unrepeatable good. If you’re a Will Quinlan fan you need to stop reading and buy this album now. Trust me. This really isn’t a prime-time Saturday night album but under much examination, I have found it perfect for work, cooking, driving and (once by accident) masturbating.

It’s undeniably Essential Listening and this kid might be one of my favorite bands.

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound on Facebook, Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound on Reverbnation, Buy Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound



Fresh off the success of the “Deadman’s Blues” single, Nine Bullets favorite Matt Woods is set to release his long-awaited full length album With Love From Brushy Mountain. If you’re a regular listener to Nine Bullets radio you’ve no doubt heard “Deadman’s Blues”, “Lucero Song”, and “Ain’t No Living” (which debuted on last weekend’s show). Matt lives on the road, playing shows to crowds large and small and spreading the gospel of his own brand of country music. Please support Matt by pre-ordering his new album here.

With Love From Brushy Mountain will be released on May 13th with pre-orders shipping 7 to 10 days prior to the release date. Please share this with all of your friends, your family, and even people you don’t really like!