SUBURBAN HOME RECORDS 16th ANNIV. PARTY MIXTAPE (New Micah Schnabel,Arliss Nancy,Lizzie Huffman,Have Gun Will Travel)

My good buddy Virgil’s little record label is celebrating it’s 16th Anniversary this weekend and unfortunately my campaign to raise 500 dollars to get out to Denver for it fell about 500 dollars short so it looks like I’m gonna miss it.

As has become an annual tradition Suburban Home released a party themed mixtape last night featuring brand new tracks by Micah Schnabel, Have Gun Will Travel (featuring Devin Stuart of the Takers), Lizzie Huffman, and Arliss Nancy.

So press play and enjoy it even if you’re not going. If you are going please show my Florida homies, Have Gun Will Travel, lots and lots of Colorado love.

Suburban Home Records 16th Anniversary Mix by Suburban Home Records


The Marh installment of the Feel Bad For You Mixtape is up and streaming. The FBFY mixtape has entered a new segment of it’s life moving from a message board tape curated by Ms. Rockstar Aimz, of My Aimz Is True, to a mixtape put together by a collection of (mostly) like minded bloggers. You can stream it below and head over to the official FBFY mixtape web site for some dialog on why each song was selected.

Track Listing:

01. The Everybodyfields – T.V.A.
02. Buffalo Killers – Let it Ride
03. Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Everywhere With Helicopter
04. The Gadjits – Ex Ballerina
05. Damion Soumi – Ghost
06. Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi featuring Jack White and Norah Jones – Two Against One
07. The Dirtbombs – Indivisible
08. Rich Hopkins & Billy Sedlmayr – The Fifty Percenter
09. Albert Hammond – Smokey Factory Blues
10. Wrinkle Neck Mules – One Hand in the Furnace
11. Vulture Whale – Land It
12. Kill County – Western Town
13. 13Ghosts – 3 AM
14. Matt Jorgensen +451 – Helter Skelter
15. Martin Sexton – Glory Bound
16. Riley Puckett – Ragged But Right
17. Hank Jr. – Family Tradition
18. The Warped 45s – Grandpa Carl
19. Blind Pilot – Look At Miss Ohio (Live)