The plan at the beginning of the year was to support one Kickstarter project a month. Then came unemployment threats and panic and I stopped doing it all together in April/May. Well, the job thing really hasn’t gotten any better but it hasn’t gotten any worse either so I’d been tossing the idea of picking up the process again when I came across Franz Nicolay’s kickstarter. On his kickstarter page is an amazing FAQ he penned that you should go read even if you don’t contribute to his plight. Well, in said FAQ he manages to capture the reason why I started doing the monthly kickstarter support thing to begin with and he does so with far more eloquence than I ever could:

“One of the things I’ve always liked about punk rock world is the idea that it’s a community, that the people who make the music are no different functionally than the people who consume it, that it’s a conversation, not a monologue. And part of being a community is having a stake in it, feeling a sense of responsibility toward keeping that community moving forward. If you don’t like my music, by all means don’t feel an obligation to contribute. But there is some other musician out there whose music you love, and could use your help. And if we can agree to support the idea of community-sourcing funding for projects from this, to Kevin Seconds’ tour van, to who knows what coming down the line, we’ll all have more music from the people whose work we love.”

Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Franz’s music but after reading his Kickstarter page, I am a huge fan of the man and am more than happy to give him some of my money.

Watch this video for an amazing story about where the inspiration for the album’s title, Do The Struggle, comes from.


Over the weekend I was asked what I was gonna write about when I covered the Little Rock weekend on 9B. I told him I had pretty much stopped covering live events cause they’d already happened and there was no going back. That said, the above picture does a fantastic job summing up the weekend. However, I’ll ask you, the 9B readership….should I post some form of a recap or not?

On a more pressing note: Austin Lucas has been unable to get out of Little Rock due to van issues. This is the type of thing that compounds since it takes money to fix the van but Austin makes his money by using said van to get on down the road. So, Austin and Co. are asking for our help:

So Austin Lucas & The Bold Party limped into Little Rock this weekend for the Two Cow Garage Tenth Anniversary Explosion in a van which is in dire need of repairs. They need between $2500-3,000 worth of repairs before they hit the road again for a 5 week run later this week. Ouch.

We all know there’s no money in rock and roll these days so we’re asking for donations to help offset the cost of repairs and keep these guys working. We recorded the entire Austin Lucas set from the Two Cow show and will be offering up that recording in digital form for all who contribute. We know time’s are hard but even a $10 contribution would be much appreciated. If you want to donate more that’d be great! If you want to get silly with the donation amount I’ll come up with a unique way to say thanks. Maybe Austin can play a house show for you or I’ll throw your birthday party at the White Water Tavern…

Thanks for supporting live music and please help spread the word to all your like minded friends and family.

You can make a PayPal donation directly to Austin using:


Here in the 9B camp finances are still to questionable to start giving to kickstarter efforts again but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell y’all about the good ones out there so let’s talk about Branden Barnett’s.

Branden Barnett is the lead singer of the Columbus based band, Ghost Shirt. He is also a pretty rad fella as I got the pleasure of discovering when he came through town last summer with Micah Schnabel. He is also hilarious and I’ll support this kickstarter video as exhibit A in that charge:

Like I said before, I feel like kickstarter provides us, the fan, a way to directly support the artists we like in a way we’ve never been able to before so I made a new years resolution to support on kickstarter project a month. Flying Spaghetti Monster knows we’ve all downloaded plenty of free music over the years and this is my way of making some sort of amends. If you wanna help Branden in his plight, his kickstarter can be found here.


I had made the New Years Resolution to contribute to at least one kickstarter project a month this year. Well, in the past few weeks my current employment has become about a stable as a California mountain side in a rainstorm and my long term employment outlook has been downgraded to “negative”. As a result, I am stockpiling money and won’t be able to donate to any projects until my personal finances are a little more stable and predictable but I figured I could still let y’all know about some of the better projects I run across.

The first one is from a fella I just wrote about named Matt Butcher. If you’re a fan of Joe Pug then you need to check this kid out. I am really looking forward to hearing his new album and see what a few years growth has done for him.

Coming out of Boone, North Carolina, Possum Jenkins is Nathan Turner, Jared Church, David Willis, Brent Buckner and David Brewer. Sometimes sounding like a young Drive-By Truckers, while also sounding like a more rock and roll version of Mofro at others, the band has a down-home richness to it that likely comes from the fact than the bulk of Possum Jenkins’ 5 members are multi-instrumentalists rotating what they’re playing, both live and on cd.

I hope y’all find it in your bank accounts to sponsor one or both of these projects.