Austin Lucas, perennial 9B favorite, wants to record a new album. He wants to record a new album with none other than long time 9B darlings Glossary as his backing band! If you have seen these two touring together then you know exactly how epic this could be! If you haven’t then I will assume that you are an invalid who is housebound because if you have turned down an opportunity to see these two together when you were physically able to do so then you should just go hang yourself right now! But I digress…

Now I know each and every one of you out there are salivating at the possibilities that this record holds. You are probably wondering “What more could I ask for?” And, really, what more could you ask for? Well I am here to tell you! You could ask for a chance to be an integral part of making this record happen! You see being an artist and touring powerhouse doesn’t always line the pockets of these folks that provide the soundtrack for our whiskey soaked endeavors. What Austin needs right now is your financial support. He is trying to raise 5k to pay for all the studio bits of this album and he’s already halfway there. It ain’t gonna take much to push this over the top folks!

This one is a little different than most of the Kickstarters we post in that Austin and company aren’t offering the album as part of the tiers. I asked Austin about this and it’s because they’ll be shopping it around and don’t know who’s going to release so they aren’t making promises that might bite them in the ass later. That said, the tiers are pretty damn awesome, I mean for fifty bucks you get his whole damn catalog to date and more. There is no real excuse not to click the link and help make sure this album gets made!

Austin’s Website
Austin on Facebook
Austin on Twitter


Once upon a time there was a message board for a band. On this message board there were all sorts of malcontents and ne’er do wells who tended to speak among themselves of lyrics and song and regard outsiders with a wary eye. One of those reclusive souls live in Houston and when hurricane Rita came through he tucked tail and ran to Fayetteville, Arkansas in sheer terror. Once there he found a certain other member of this legendary message board who in turn took him to one Dickson Street Theater and introduced to him to Mr. Branan. Mr. Branan proceeded to take the stage and much Jaeger was consumed. (As an aside the message board in question is also how I met a certain guy who runs a certain blog and ended up spewing out my opinion for the world to scoff at!)

That right there is the story of how I met Dave Morris aka Tato who has this little band with some other kids from Arkansas called The Inner Party. While their music isn’t the usual 9B fare it’s some damn fine stuff that we think deserves your support. You see they won some time in the studio and recorded this little EP, The Degenerate Era, live, to two track tape so it will have that delicious analog feel we all love. My personal feeling is that this EP has a very post-punk feel. I can hear Joy Division in the bass on some tracks and there’s certainly some Pixies hiding in there. Listening to the tracks on Soundcloud really took me back to a much younger me and a club that was always a little too dark with girls who were always a little too pale. The Degenerate Era is a well crafted piece that will certainly find a home in your heart if you have the sort of musical background I have feeling a lot of us around here have. Dave Morris describes the lyrics as “”a direct attack on the very concept of wealth, straight from the heart of poverty” and I can’t disagree with him at all.

All they need now is a little help from us to make some shiny plastic discs so they can inflict their music on the world! So break out your wallet, grab your credit card, and toss these guys a little monetary assistance. Hell they even have a 1.00 level so there’s really no excuse even if you are a cheap bastard!


There have been two people involved in since day 1 and one of those guys was involved even before then. That guy is our tech guru, Trevor Bramble. Anytime the site has had trouble and it stopped having trouble, you have Trevor to thank. So, even though you rarely hear is voice here on the site, if you like then you love Trevor as he is the man behind the curtain who makes it all happen.

Well, Trevor’s wife, Aubrey Bramble, has a band called Golden Gardens and they’re looking to fund a kickstarter project. I appreciate this project because they’ve already completed the product and are just trying to raise the monies to have the album professionally mastered instead of running it through a couple of half assed Pro Tools mastering plug-ins and calling it a day.

Golden Gardens’ music is a little outside of the 9b wheelhouse but others have described it as “Dreamscapes and Anthems for Magical Minds” which is Aubrey-speak for “shoegaze pop” and I’m sure if I’d read long enough there would have been a mention of Unicorns. Seattle Weekly called it “Soothing dream-pop at its best” while describing the sound with this, “Curious What It Sounds Like When Quentin Tarantino Goes To Sleep? Mystery Solved.

They even offered the first single from the album via Soundcloud so you can get a feel for it all on your own:

So, if this sounds like something you might wanna get behind visit their Kickstarter page and back their efforts.


Albums Baby! Buy them!


So thank you all for that. I know that those of you who saw the links last night stepped up and so does John. We considered not posting this but you know what, there’s always next month’s rent on the horizon. So we are posting it anyway. I’ll say again that John has covered his practice space for this month but in my opinion you can’t show your appreciation too much! What follows is the post I wrote before he told us everything was covered. Even though the immeidate need was covered there is no reason we can’t make sure next month and the month after that, and so on, aren’t covered as well!

One of the things I love about writing for 9b is that it is a way to support the artists that provide me with entertainment, escape, and so much more. It doesn’t seem like much some days but it’s something. Then every once in a while a situation comes up and gives us an opportunity to support the artists in a more direct manner. This takes many different forms and whether or not it’s a cool Kickstarter campaign for a band we love or a band in need of help because some asshat stole their gear we try to step up to the plate and help them out. This call to action concerns 9b favorite John Moreland. We have written about many of his releases and loved every last one of them.

Last night I was up too late browsing Facebook and noticed that Mr. Moreland had posted a link to his Bandcamp page and asked for a little help this month as he needs to cover the rent for his practice space. I posted something about it and AIV jumped in, posted as well, and asked me to write up a little something this morning and so here we are. Music is a hard business and sometimes an even harder life. Shit happens to the best of us and sometimes we gotta ask for a little boost and this is no different. While I can’t personally go re-buy any of John’s stuff until tomorrow I know AIV grabbed the catalog last night so the 9b staff is personally putting our money in to this because it is a righteous cause. This is chance to directly help out a man who writes prolifically and does it well. A chance to directly affect one of the artists that we here at 9b have stood behind since we discovered him.

What we are asking is that you open your wallets and head over to John’s Bandcamp page and pick up an album or two, they are actually priced so reasonably that you really ought to grab the whole catalog, and help out a really good guy. If your love of music is anywhere near the level of the 9b staff then you won’t hesitate to jump on this chance to help a musician. The kicker for me is that he’s asking for help covering the cost of making music. There’s not really a Kickstarter option to “Help me pay rent” so he turned to the community via Facebook. We want you to show him that the community really does value the artists. On top of the warm feeling in sub-cockle region  you will also get some great music out of this.

Off you go now, it only costs a little bit and it won’t hurt at all…

Buy John Moreland’s Music
Buy some of John Moreland’s Music and a couple of t-shirts
Hook with with John Moreland on Facebook


One of my favorite things about these guys is their straight forward no nonsense approach. Take the photo up top for instance. It’s the band, standing in a snow field and GO FIGURE! the name of the image is: and_photo_snowy_field_sm.jpg. Another example is their video for kickstarter, clocking in at under 2 minutes long and most of that being a song. That said, they’re not short on words when it comes to talking about their home state so I’m just gonna steal the opening paragraph from their Kickstarter page:

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Jack River Kings, a Rock and Roll band hailing from the Last Frontier of Alaska. All four band members call Alaska home, transplanted from parts further south, drawn to a land so beautiful and endless. We live in a state full of musicians where often the people in the crowd listening are the very people you could find yourself sharing the stage with on any given night. It has given us the ability to listen and draw on other ears to form our own sound, a sound that is real and able to transcend the musical tastes of many. Most often a sound that is rocking and telling stories of injustice, hard times or love, that makes you want to get out of your seat, grab your drink and dance the night away with us.

This Jack River Kings album is something I’ve been waiting for since I wrote about the lead singers solo album way back in 2009. So, if you can’t find it in your heart to give money for the band….maybe you can do it for me?

Here are some tracks from that solo cd:

Matt Herman – Black Bird
Matt Herman – Soule Lake Hotel


Traveling around the country and the state for shows I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a whole lot of artists who’s music I’ve loved over the years. Most of the people are as stand up and solid as their music and Mr. Damron is no different and that’s why, despite already meeting it’s goal…I am telling y’all about his Kickstarter project.

Mike’s planning on putting out a double cd entitled Nah Mr. Death, I’m Coming For You. The plan is for one cd to be a live album while the other is a studio album of new material. So, drop a 10 spot on this and help out one of the good guys in this little scene of ours.


I met Truckstop Darlin’s former drummer last time I was out in Colorado and as a result, was exposed to Truckstop Darlin’. Since then, I’ve been a card carrying fan of the band as the Ninebullets Podcast & Ninebullets Radio playlists have shown. Well, they’ve take to kickstarter in an attempt to record a second record and I’ve taken to the website to let y’all know about it.

So, if you’ve got a little spare change in your pockets and you wanna help out an awesome band, I present the Truckstop Darlin’ Second Record Kickstarter Campaign.

from their self-titled debut:
Truckstop Darlin’ – Bluegrass State
Truckstop Darlin’ – Tired Old Prom Queens


Last New Years Eve I made the New Years Resolution to support (1) Kickstarter effort a month for all of 2011. I also made the resolution to “drink like a human”. Both were met with varying degrees of success. Most night’s I was tipsy or, acceptably drunk, but my bad nights were really really bad. On the kickstarter front, while I could not anticipate the guessing game that my biweekly paycheck would be throughout the year, I still managed to back 9 campaigns last year.

Enter 2012. The kickstarter blowback has begun and there has been no shortage of anti-kickstarter articles and blog posts written and while I agree that established artist such as Rhett Miller shouldn’t be using kickstarter to fund their albums, I just choose not to support those campaigns instead of damning the entire service. This brings us to January and another kickstarter campaign that I feel is worth your support.

2011 was a strange year for The Only Sons. They lost their manager/backup drummer. They lost band members. For a period of time, there was not telling if The Only Sons were even a band anymore. Being a married man, I am familiar with the ebbs and flows of a relationship and I am glad to say The Only Sons are not only, still a band, they’re a band ready to make a new album.

Enter their Kickstarter campaign. Their new album is gonna be called When The New Wears Off and it will feature The Only Sons as a three piece with Glossary’s Joey Kneiser contributing occasionally with organ/piano and like Glossary, it appears The Son’s are drawing more heavily from that 70’s rock sound than albums past (and we know where that got Glossary). As an added bonus, all 15 dollars or more supporters of their campaign will get access to an immediate download of a kickstarter only EP of B-Sides entitled Scraps.

I hope you support the Ninebullets Kickstarter Of The Month projects but even if you don’t, I hope you support some kickstarter projects. I’ll leave you with the words of Franz Nicolay that I could not agree with more:

“One of the things I’ve always liked about punk rock world is the idea that it’s a community, that the people who make the music are no different functionally than the people who consume it, that it’s a conversation, not a monologue. And part of being a community is having a stake in it, feeling a sense of responsibility toward keeping that community moving forward. If you don’t like my music, by all means don’t feel an obligation to contribute. But there is some other musician out there whose music you love, and could use your help. And if we can agree to support the idea of community-sourcing funding for projects from this, to Kevin Seconds’ tour van, to who knows what coming down the line, we’ll all have more music from the people whose work we love.”

You can access The Only Son’s kickstarter campaign here.

The Only Sons – Standing Water
The Only Sons – Put Up A Fight


Two of my favorite albums last year came from Kasey Anderson. His album Nowhere Nights was one of the three or four albums discovered in the same time-period that were the main reasons I started writing about music again. And his follow-up Heart Of A Dog with his new band The Honkies was almost as good.

Since then, Kasey and the Honkies have toured far and wide, slowly merging into a real band, instead of a front man and his backing band. You can easily hear that by checking out some of the youtube videos that’s surfaced the last year, or his two live EPs Live Honkies and Live at KEXP.

Presently, Kasey Anderson & The Honkies are getting ready to record new songs for their upcoming album Let The Bloody Moon Rise.

These days, where you won’t get a record deal unless you’re young, female and can prove you can’t sing (or think for yourself), most artists have to take responsibility and just DIY.

Bands like American Aquarium, Sons Of Bill and even Rhett Miller are using some sort of pledge-service, like Kickstarter or Pledgemusic.

Being who he is, and wanting to do things his way – Kasey Anderson has come up with his own twist. He’s kickstarting his new album, without using Kickstarter – but rather his Bandcamp.

The problem with Kickstarter is the point where the pledges fall short of the spoken goal, and no money changes hands – even if there are eager fans willing to part with their money to see new product from their artists.

Kasey is making the album no matter what, but what you can do is pre-order it, and in that manner you’re paying a sum of money earmarked the recording of the album. He’s even thrown in a few treats for anyone who’s willing to dish out a few extra bucks.

Like we know from Kickstarter, it all starts with the lowest sum and a digital album – but from there you can pre-order and get anything from exclusive t-shirts, a notebook with lyrics and comments or even his Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet. Kasey’s also throwing a private house-concert into the mix. He’s forgotten to throw in a disclaimer on how far he’s willing to travel to do that show, so I’m actually considering buying that for myself for Christmas. It’s not THAT far to Norway, is it?

If you want to do both Kasey and yourself a favor, hop over to his website and pre-order/pledge for his new album Let The Bloody Moon Rise.

Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – Abaddon Blues


“This is a record of consequences. The price that you pay for the life that you live. Burn.Flicker.Die.”

The ninebullets November Kickstarter Project is a band that we love the hell out of here in the camp; American Aquarium.

The band has launched a kickstarter campaign to record their 5th studio album, Burn.Flicker.Die. in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with Jason Isbell. Their rewards range from the typical autographed album all the way up to the not-at-all-typical reward of having an opportunity to buy their first tour vehicle, a 2002 Dodge 3500 15 passenger van.