Help Caleb Caudle Make A Record



I’ve mentioned before that I love crowd funding. No offense to any of the fantastic record labels that help get the music we all love out in the world but I am very glad to see artists be directly supported by the people who love their art. Right now one of the better folks making tunes without record label money is Caleb Caudle. His most recent record, Carolina Ghost, was crowd funded and anyone who heard the results can attest to how well it turned out. By crowdfunding that album Caleb was able to pursue his vision without being tied to anyone else’s budget and delivered a collection of killer songs that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any major label release.

And now he’s at it again, with your help.

This time Caleb is headed to the wilds of Los Angeles to team up once again with his longtime collaborator Jon Ashley. They also plan on a session or two in Nashville. It’s going to be a huge undertaking and you can help him out a bit AND get some perks on the way.

Boom over to his Indie GoGo page and toss a few bucks into the pot. Making records isn’t cheap but when it’s Caleb Caudle you know damn well it’ll be worth it.

Support ART – M.Lockwood Porter and Michael Dean Damron need your help!


Hey Cats and Kittens!

I am a HUGE fan of crowdfunding. I think eliminating the middle man is the best thing ever. I think it’s rad that I get the opportunity to be a patron of the art that I support. How fantastic is it that bands that are amazing can ask their fans to kick down a few bucks to support their latest endeavor rather than hope that some record label deems them worthy? As a fan of “good music” I have spent years watching great artists being passed over by an industry looking for “hits”  instead of art. But now I get to put my money where my mouth is. So today I want to talk about two of those crowd funded endeavors that I think are easily worth your time and money.

First up is M. Lockwood Porter. I first heard about Max from John Moreland. John mentioned Max to me as an artist he knew from Oklahoma that wasn’t getting a fair shot in my town of San Luis Obispo. Max had recently relocated from Oklahoma to San Francisco, California. I was really bummed that Max had toured down and played a venue I knew well, Frog  Peach Pub, but I had somehow missed it. I made sure to see Max the next time he came through and I was absolutely blown away when I did. Since then I have been fortunate enough to see him on several occasions (yay West Coast!). Max reminds me of Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s. Both of them play fantastic pop songs featuring a country lean but with serious depth and incredibly witty lyrics. Shortly after I met Max he released “27”, a great album filled with folk songs informed by pop influences, most notably Big Star. Max sings the kind of songs I’d like to write, hooky as fuck but rewarding on multiple listens. If you’ve checked out “27” I know that you will want to chip in a few bucks to make his next album happen. Please do so here. Max is the kind of guy that is one step away from being on every great radio station in America, help him get there.

The next crowdfunding opportunity I want to talk about is one that is incredibly close to me. Michael Dean Damron is currently crowdfunding his new album. I love Mike. I love Mike because he is one of the best human beings I have ever met. Full stop. I love Mike because he has introduced me to some people and artists that have shaped my life in big ways. Fernando, John Moreland, Jack Parker and Mishka Shubaly (buy his new book, seriously, fuck you, buy this book) are just some of the artists whose work Mike has introduced me to. And those people are some of my favorite people currently walking this earth. Mike brought all of that into my life, as well as countless other people’s lives. Mike has always championed his fellow artists while quietly being head and shoulders above almost all of them. You might know him from the most underrated band I can think of, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House, or from his numerous incredible solo records. He is the guy that tours with ALL of your favorite bands. I assure you that just about all of the artists you love look up to this man. He is a singular force on the musical landscape. If there was a god, and if that god was just, Mike’s name would be spoken in the same way that we speak of Neil, Townes and Waylon. I know this sounds like bullshit. I know that it sounds like I’m slobbering all over Mike and collecting a fat paycheck from his label but that isn’t the case. I just believe in him. I just think he is perhaps the best artist of a generation. I think Chad has a better voice, Micah pulls at my heartstrings more, the Dexateens rock harder, Lucero makes me throw my arms around my buddies more, Snodgrass will always write my favorite songs, Shane is the most honest man in music, but Mike is MY favorite. Mike is everything I want to be. Mike is the raw talent that the rest of us strive for. He has not gotten his due, he probably never will. But he still keeps on because he has to. You have the opportunity to be a part of that. Throw a few bucks his way if you believe in art in any way,shape or form. I guarantee you will not regret it. He is the best.

The sad truth in this day and age is that if we don’t support art it will go away.

Not on my watch. Join Me. Give some love to Max and Mike, even if it’s only a buck. Fight for art.


Crowdfunding: Patreon – Americana Rock Mix

americana rock mix
I am a fan of crowdfunding and the patron model. While there’s debate as to whether the patron model is true crowdfunding, that’s over my head. The point is that people out there do stuff we like and the whole entertainment industry, aside from big movies, is pretty much dead set on actually supporting anyone. Through crowdfunding we, the fans, can give something back. Sure we can buy merch, records, prints, or whatever is being offered but crowdfunding allows us to give directly to the people making the entertainment that we consume. All that said this is really about Americana Rock Mix, Von Cloedt produces a damn amazing podcast and Patreon is a great model to give podcasts some ongoing support. You can donate as little as a buck an episode. I think it’s a better model than getting a sponsor and making half the podcast about the sponsor. So here’s the Patreon link for Americana Rock Mix. If you’re so inclined you can even donate enough and guest host an episode. Over the years I’ve found the crowd that reads this site tends to be a bunch of generous folks and this is a great podcast. So if podcasts are your thing then here’s a good one to support.

Indiegogo – Caleb Caudle

Mr. Caleb Caudle is proving a prolific songwriter these days and nothing could make me more excited this morning than thinking about getting some new music. I’m certain this will be an amazing album and aside from that there’s only a few things that make you feel better than actually supporting artists you care about and most of those are illegal.

So this is point where you click the little widget thing and go throw your money at Caleb, I promise it’ll make you feel better a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato (yes that’s a real thing).


Here is something for you to spend your money that’s better than a cup of Coffee from Starbuck’s. But seriously, I’ve heard the record and trust me, you want this on Vinyl. You’ll be able to pick this thing up for free, digitally, in early December but there’s nothing better than holding a record in you hands, gazing lovingly at the full sized album art, and listening to the collection of songs therein, in the order in which the band intended for them to listened to in. OK, yeah, it would be hard to diagram that sentence, but everything I said is true.

I’ve been waiting for this album for quite a while to be honest, well not this album per se, but a full length from these crazy kids. Now they’re fucking giving away the digital version and kickstarting the vinyl? Could you really ask for anything more than that. Twang N Bang RecorTwang N Bang Recordsds continues to blow my mind and this one is no exception, you’ll have to wait for the upcoming review to learn just how much I love it but you ought to get in on this Kickstarter for the vinyl. The Dead Volts is one of the bands you’ve been waiting for this year. You should know enough to trust me on these things…

Pledge Music Campaign For John Moreland's New Record


It’s impossible to have visited this site in the last year or so and not know about John Moreland’s album In The Throes. We reviewed it, played it on both radio shows associated with Nine Bullets and John has been interviewed here at least once and we named the record Album Of The Year. Not to rehash the past, but In The Throes still stands up to the praise heaped on it, here and elsewhere. Now’s the time to talk about what’s next.

Today John released the details of his Pledge Music Campaign for the follow up, High On Tulsa Heat and he needs our help.

He’s releasing this record on his own with the help of Thirty Tigers. In the video on the campaign page John speaks very little about the campaign and then plays a new song. That’s getting right to the point and I’ll follow suit. Support this man’s music. Do what you can and do it now.



Having a monthly Kickstarter was something that AIV did and I think is a damn good idea. I’m sorry we got away from and since I’ve been thinking about the site a lot lately I was thinking about bringing it back. Now that there’s all sorts of sites that let you attempt crowdfunding I’m changing the name but it’s coming back. Last night a 9B favorite, and someone I consider a friend, put a Kickstarter project which gave me the perfect excuse to start helping out again.


Michael Dean Damron

If you don’t Michael Dean Damron by name then you haven’t been hanging around 9 Bullets for very long at all. Whether it’s fronting I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House or putting out solo albums, as far as I’m concerned, this man can do no wrong. Adding another record to his already impressive body of work is a gift to fans of good music everywhere. The links to our past coverage don’t contain any music since we don’t leave things up longer than a month so I think it’s time for a musical retrospective just so you, the reader, can see the true breadth of this man’s career.

I Can Lick Any SOB – Creepy Little Noises – (2002)
John L. Sullivan
Walk Across Texas
I Can Lick Any SOB – Put Here To Bleed – (2003)
01 – twerp
03 – american fuck machine
I Can Lick Any SOB – Menace – (2004)
02 – Thousand To One
03 – A Good Day To Be A Husband
Michael Dean Damron – A Perfect Day For A Funeral – (2005)
Blame It on the Whiskey
Miss Amphetamine
Michael Dean Damron – Bad Days Ahead – (2008)
I Love the Rain
Hotter Hell
Michael Dean Damron – Father’s Day – (2009)
I Hope Your New Boyfriend Gives You AIDS
I’m A Bastard
I Can Lick Any SOB – The Sounds Of Dying – (2010)
Swear To God
Michael Dean Damron – Plea From A Ghost – (2011)
Funeral Day
Keep Me In Your Heart
Michael Dean Damron – Nah Mr. Death… Ima Comin’ for You!! – (2012)
Fat Kid
Mama Song
I Can Lick Any SOB – Mayberry – (2013)
I Give Up (The Puppy Song)

Whew! That’s a ton of music to sample folks and I didn’t even bother with the live albums (I hope I got all the years right)! Now click either the link below or the “K” in the video at the start of this post and bless Mike D with some green appreciation so that we can all bask in the glory of this new album when it comes out.


Captains Dead

Normally we use the powers of the 9B fan club, all three of you, to help out bands. Be it for a kickstarter campaign for a new album, lost or stolen gear, or a couple of other things. You guys have always stepped up and helped out. Today I’m asking for help for a fellow blogger, Greg, from Captains Dead. In a rather longish stream of events he sold his site, but kept doing all the heavy lifting. Fast forward a while and it’s come to this. The folks who bought it want out of the music blog business and Greg wants back in. Not content to just hand things back over they are making it difficult for him to get the site back. As with any campaign every little bit helps.

Greg is a good guy and in my opinion a great voice in our little blogging community. He’s only a couple of days in to this campaign as I type this up and already has some decent support. I figure if we all drop some change in the guitar case and tell our friends that we can make this a reality. So go read his story and I hope you can find it in your heart to help out a friend. Music blogs come and go but some of them deserve to stick around. Like our little piece of the web here, Captains Dead is one we shouldn’t let die.



McDougall is no stranger to regular readers of Nine Bullets. He’s a unique musician who makes his living as a one man band out on the road. His old tour Explorer is dying and instead of asking for money for a funeral he’s seeking to raise money for a new ride. He’s got some really cool rewards,  a record just for this and giving away some of his artwork. Let’s help this dude out.

McDougall – A Few Towns More


We know them.
We love them.
And now, we get to help them make their new album.

Two Cow Garage has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funding for their brand new album, “Death Of The Self Preservation Society.” You know you want new Two Cow. You know you’re gonna buy it when it comes out so why not pay for it now and just wait…..I may or may not have heard some of the rough mixes for this cd and I may or may not be telling you that it’s worth your preorder.

Be a part of the things you love and donate now

Two Cow Garage – My Great Gatsby
Two Cow Garage – No Shame
Two Cow Garage – Swingset Assassin