Road Trip!

IT IS OFFICIAL! Lucero will be opening for The Drive-By Truckers on Thanksgiving weekend at the Alabama Theater in Birmingham.

Yours truly will be there….seriously, I just read about this a few minutes ago and I had one of those moments…at first I did not trust it so I read it again….really slowly…then I slammed my hands on the table and raised both fists in the air and walked around the offce with both fists up and a smile on my face…yeah, one of those moments.

Lucero and DBT….INCONCEIVABLE! Ever seen Pee Wee Herman? Ever seen the Pee Wee dance? yup, I’m doin’ it…I’m doin’ it.

Hello? Is this thing on?

Football is king. There is no arguing that little fact. NCAA or NFL….which is tops?…..that is an argument held in bars on any given weekend from August to January (I happen to fall on the NCAA is top dog)….and while I can not, and will not, dispute that football is the greatest sport of them all I must say that HOCKEY is the greatest spectator sport in the world… none….Live; hockey is #1 in my sports world….the end to end excitement, the culture surrounding it…Hockey is the tits…..Well, TONIGHT the NHL season starts…Carolina raises their banner and we are off on another hockey season…..My Bolts play tomorrow night and their home opener is Saturday night (you can find me in Section 318)….all of this comes not a moment too soon either since my Buccaneers and my Seminoles don’t look as though they are gonna make anything very exciting this season. So…to you, the NHL, I raise a tall glass of Labatt’s to a season anew….now….LET’S GO LIGHTNING :whack::whack::whackwhackwhack.

Stompin’ Tom Connors – The Hockey Song

Hanson Brothers – The Hockey Song

Zune gets prices and a release date


From an article over at engadget:

it would appear they’ve settled on $249.99 (not to be undercut by Apple after all), and will be launching the device in the US market on November 14th. Other pricing includes individual tracks for 79 Microsoft points apiece, and your standard $14.99 monthly fee for the Zune Pass service

There is also some info on accessories and accessory prices as well as some info on the preloaded content. Try as they might, I do not see them taking over the Ipod market but there was a time I said the same thing re: Netscape versus IE.

Emo jumps the shark?

I know what you are thinking….emo jumped the shark a long long time ago boy…or, what’s EMO….well, to both I say exactly BUT just in case there was a little life boy band Good Charlotte went out and found the biggest baddest muthafuckin’ shark in the ocean and went 100% Fonzie on that bitch with this track. Bet it goes straight to number 1 on the urban charts.

Good Charlotte – Keep Your Hands Off My Girl