Around The Web – Late August Edition

We’ve been awful quiet this week, there’s a lot of real life stuff going on for all us and that’s put a bit of a damper on our output. Unfortunately you can expect things to be sporadic for a couple more weeks due to my schedule if nothing else. However slammed we are there’s been some really interesting stuff going on this week and it’d be a shame if you missed any of it, so here’s what I think you should have paid attention to while we were off doing things that pay our bills and such.


tcgYou may remember when our friends, Two Cow Garage, had their van broken in to in St. Louis, MO and “a radio DJ in Denver” (read: the very same Charles Hale we still wish hadn’t left) started a funding campaign to replace their stuff. Well things got a little weird after that and Riverfront Times published an article this week about them finding their stuff on E-Bay and how the cops and E-Bay don’t seem to be able to get their shit together and even talk. It’s all a little disheartening when you get right down to it but the TCG boys did replace their gear and have been playing shows like they always do. Those kids never fail to impress me!

I makewar-photo-5-livewas the one that originally wrote up the Sad And French self titled release and I had mixed feelings about it but I realize some of you loved it and I can see why. Well they’ve changed their name to MakeWar and revamped their sound and to celebrate the release of their new album they’ve given New Noise Magazine an exclusive stream. If you’ve ever read my reviews you know I respect a band that can change and keep going and that’s just what they’ve done. The linked article has more details and you really should read it but rest assured you’ll be getting my opinion on their new album just like you did for their first full length.

tiamThis Is American Music dropped a sampler on us this week, for the low low price of whatever the fuck you want to pay! This is a great sampler and more than worthy of skipping a latte or two and giving the guys over at TIAM some much deserved support. I went to their Facebook page today and was a little disappointed that under 3,700 like it, so if you haven’t then you should definitely show your support by liking their page, they are putting out really great music and I really feel like they should have more exposure than they do right now or I could just be naive. Anyway since they allow the sampler to be embedded you don’t even have to wait to check it out, just click below and then go buy the thing.

Around The Web – Independence Day Edition


Right out of the gate I’m going to just give you some Two Cow Garage as a celebration of the freedom granted to almost everyone by SCOCTUS (next up is recognition of polygamous marriage). I’ve posted what I think about the decision on FB and won’t belabor the point here, so let’s all just enjoy “Let The Boys Be Girls” for a minute…

800songsSomeone with way more CDO (That’s OCD in alphabetical order, the way it should be) created a set chronological playlists of 90’s alt/indie. Taken together these things are a 500+ minute pill to swallow! I once tried to just a top 100, arranged in some chronological order, for alt country and wanted to stab myself in the eyes before I was done. The dedication it takes to make an 800 track playlist is something I don’t have. I’m seriously not entirely sure whether I should be afraid, have a ton of respect, or recommend a good shrink! Whichever it is I am grateful to have the resource, even if I’m not sure I’ll put 500 hours in to completing. Thanks @naxuu, this is pretty cool!

And since this is a holiday weekend and none of you want to spend your time reading what I thought was cool on the web this week, I am closing this, admittedly short, Around The Web with something that was cool six years ago. I mentioned I found some old mix tape archives lying around, well this is one from the Lucero Message Board, circa 2009, our little Summer Mix Tape. It was certainly a good one!

The Fox Hunt – Better Than This (Lucero Cover)
“The boys recorded this for the long overdue Lucero tribute album..I heard them play this version when they were here playing Surf Bar on Folly Beach…took some cajoling but I got MK to send me the mp3…here it is.” – JacksonDavis

Lucero – Live 1/4/2002 – American Girl
“Sticking with the 4th of July theme. Just for fun.” – Boston Twang

Deer Tick – Born on Flag Day – Houston, TX
“The first song that jumped out at me on the new record. Haven’t decided what I think of the new record yet but I like this song.” – Plank10

Cory Branan – Ardent Studios recording – Karen’s Song
“I had never heard this prior to hearing it on the streaming file released by Rachel and The City when he was in studio earlier this year…cannot wait for his new album…he and Snodgrass kicked major ass in ATL and Savannah.” – JacksonDavis…thanks to Down South for the editing Wink

Ha Ha Tonka – Novel Sounds of The Nouveau South – Close Every Valve to Your Bleeding Heart
“Roaring out of the Ozarks with a bottle in one hand and a bible in the other” – ColoradoAlan

William Elliott Whitmore – Animals In The Dark – Old Devils
“My current favourite tune from my favourite album of the year to date.” – JacksonDavis

Hoots & Hellmouth – The Holy Open Secret – What Good Are Plowshares If We Use Them Like Swords
“There is something about this band I find deeply interesting. I can’t quite put my finger on it but whatever it is this song has it.” – Autopsy IV

The Only Sons – Steel Hearts – Lay Back Down
“This song is eerily relevant for a friends situation right now..” – ColoradoAlan

The Evening Rig – Is Doin’ Stuff – Goddamn, I Could Use A Drink
“If you haven’t listened to these guys yet, you probably should.” – algwalcz

Jon Snodgrass w/ Cory Branan – Alone and Distanced
“Too bad this isn’t being released on CD or digital download…but…I was able to pry this from someone who had been way late in getting Season 5 of The Wire back to me Cool” – JacksonDavis”

Two Cow Garage – Humble Narrator – Speaking in Cursive
“I’ve had this CD for a while but just REALLY started to listen to it, and this song was the first one I kept repeating. ” The sun has a way of making us pay for our revelry filled nights” Amen Brother.” – Hecticeyes

Chad Rex & The Victorstands – Songs to Fix Angels – Build a Rocket
“I only recently realized how good Chad Rex is. Besides, it’s the time of year for rockets.” – Boston Twang

Flogging Molly – Swagger – Salty Dog
“Irish punk rock is great and good for hanging out in the summer listening to full blast.” – Lennon Medvick

Michael Dean Damron – Father’s Day – Angels Fly Up
“It seems like I am always pimping this guy’s music and my work isn’t done until he’s got a platinum award on his wall…or something like that. Father’s Day is a strong contender for the Best of ’09 as far as I’m concerned. I can’t really pinpoint why this song means so much to me, but it affects me somewhere in the guts.” – Bone Machine

Austin Lucas – The Common Cold – Kith and Kin
“If you’ve only heard Austin’s new album, definitely check out The Common Cold. Yay for the upcoming tour with Two Cow!” – TheOtherBrit

The Lemonheads – Varshons – Waitin Around to Die
“Evan Dando revisits a Townes Van Zandt classic” – ColoradoAlan

Cheap Trick – The Latest – Sick Man Of Europe
“Of all the music from my childhood, Cheap Trick are the band that I still enjoy with the intensity of my youth. It’s good to know that they’re still out there plugging away and have a catalog much richer than the classic rock staples (I Want You To Want Me, Surrender, The Flame…). This tune is from their new one, lovingly entitled The Latest, and is further proof that Robin Zander has one of the finer voices in rock some 35 years into his career.” – Bone Machine

The Dexateens – Singlewide – Can You Whoop It
“If you like the Dexateens, keep an eye out for Arkadelphia, Lee Bains III’s new band. They’ve even more amazing!” – TheOtherBrit

Trampled by Turtles – Duluth – Empire
“These guys are one of my favorite bands that I’ve discovered because they were a Lucero opener. Go see them live if you get the chance.” Boston Twang

Matthew Dean Herman – Blackbird – Blackbird
“Fantastic debut album produced by Evan Phillips of The Whipsaws. RIYL: Drive-By Truckers” – Autopsy IV

Lyle Lovette – I Love Everybody – Fat Babies
“I’ve been on a Lyle Lovette kick lately. “I don’t like hippies and I don’t like cornbread.” I’m confused that he doesn’t like cornbread.” – Plank10

Ray LaMontagne – Gossip in the Grain – Let it Be Me
Submitted by corduroy

Uncle Tupelo – March 16-20 1994 – Moonshiner
Submitted by corduroy

Kingston Trio – We’ll Sing in The Sunshine
“A fun summertime sing-a-long…” – Nicole

Against Me! – As The Eternal Cowboy – You Look Like I Need Drink
“Against Me! has been my sound track all summer, and this is one of my favorites.” – Lennon Medvick

Links Around the Web – 06/19/15


Here I am, the much-maligned but never-convicted Wolf, serving up the hottest hotlinks for your lazy Friday web browsing.

Cory Branan, knbranan-resizedown wastrel, has a couple of cool things up on Spotify. The first is a recorded Audiotree Live session of tunes, in which we get high quality solo-acoustic Branan which is always a treat. The second is a new hobby for Cory: playlist cultivation. One playlist a month, featuring one songwriter, and first up is Queen’s Freddie Mercury! Once you’re done with all that fancy streaming audio head over to Cory’s website for tour dates and records.


It’s no secret that I’m a huge Against Me! fan, and one of the many pre-orders announced this past week was for their upcoming concert record “23 Live Sex Acts”. You can check out a preview song, and be just as impressed as I was. Pre-order from iTunes or Amazon, and check out that cover art!


1385023_593523444022907_1631043531_nYou think just because Charles Hale is no longer on staff at 9b you can escape the glourious sonic musings of the Ajax Diner Book Club? Well think again, chump! Listen to his show, then head on over to Facebook and like the page for constant updates. He starts this one off with McDougall’s “Coleraine”, which is as good a way to start something as a song can be.


Titus Andronicus,8f94c354one of many bands I discovered through 9b, has a new record coming out soon (“The Most Lamentable Tragedy”) and it’s a doozy. You can pre-order this 2-CD or 3-LP beast here, but since it’s taken so long to get out the band has decided to throw us a bone. They just released a free mixtape entitled “Sorry About The Delay” and put it up for streaming or download on their website. It’s full of unreleased tracks, rehearsals, outtakes, and live performances. Worth a listen!



And last but not least, it’s E3! The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or Orthodox Nerd Christmas (dating back before the Reformation, when ComicCon took over). There’s all kinds of new video games announced and previewed and played, and some of it is pretty exciting. I occasionally write for a video gaming site, Colony of Gamers, and since I’m partial if you want to see what the latest haps are on your favorite console or from your favorite publisher, I think you should check it out there!



New Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires!

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires Band Photo

The folks over at Team Rock have an exclusive stream of a new Glory Fires track, and it’s one you have to hear.

First, Lee’s statement about the song:

“This song is about disrupting systems that have proven to fall short of, if not completely undermine, their purported missions – criminal justice, mental health, the church, language – for the sake of realigning them with those missions. The song developed out of months spent revisiting the Objectivist poets, binging on early Clash albums, and observing the Atlanta actions surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other unarmed people of colour. The song is the first completed work in a group of songs, tentatively titled Juvenile Detention, aimed at investigating questions of socialization, youth, identity, law, privilege, religion, culture, place, causality and memory.”

Take a look at that quote, hit the link to listen to the song, and tell me that Lee Bains isn’t the most rock and roll dude on either side of the Mississippi.

This is a solid reminder of a few things: that rock music still holds the power for social change, that Lee Bains knows melody just as much as he knows rocking out, and that piano and horns can be punk as fuck. I don’t want to put words in Lee’s mouth, especially because this track has the signature Glory Fires distortion, but I think there are some conclusions we can draw: that just because someone is in charge of you they don’t  necessarily have your best intentions in mind, that the majority isn’t always correct, and that disorder can be sweeter than lockstep uniformity.

I don’t mean to call Lee out too much either. Though his ideals and literary nature are one of the driving forces of the band, it wouldn’t exist without Eric ‘The Diabetic Wonder’ Wallace on guitar, Adam ‘ Luscious Locks’ Williamson on bass, and Blake ‘You Think I’m Funny? You Think I’m Here To Amuse You, Like A Clown’ Williamson on drums, the band would by no means have the same punch. These are the four horsemen of punk rock lashed together and charging for the summit. This is a bandwagon you want to be on.

Check out their website, and pick up their most recent record, Dereconstructed, from SubPop.



Since Larry didn’t provide me with any taco recipes this week, you all get Links Around The Web. We hope these links help you while away your Saturday.

Romeo Sid Vicious:

m-and-cIn case you missed it, our very own Michelle Evans and Cory Hanks from Those Crosstown Rivals have decided to get hitched! On behalf of Nine Bullets I’d like to use this space to wish them both the very best and lots of happiness! They’re even throwing a bash afterword with a helluva line up. Hell I’d travel to see that if I weren’t already otherwise committed!
No word on where they’re registered so there’s no way to show them that we’re happy for them by buying them crap they probably don’t need.

I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. – Rita Rudner

thematsIf placing a bet, always go with “Is a Replacements fan”, at least when it comes to me. And yeah I know this has been all over the web, but it belongs here because it’s fucking cool and I want it here. The Replacements appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and tore up “Alex Chilton“! There’s a rumor they did another song and it might pop on Fallon’s site at some point.
(I wrote this before it happened, if it happened, if it didn’t then it was a cool rumor anyway.)

The Replacements are set to play their first non-festival dates since reuniting last year, beginning with a mini-stadium date this Saturday in St. Paul, Minn., followed by a similar show Sept. 19 in New York City. After that, a few more festival dates are booked this fall…

sean-rowe-downwind-640-stillNPR always has interesting stuff on their First Listen and I missed Sean Rowe’s Madman when it popped. Don’t make the same mistake I did, go check it out.

At the core of every song is Rowe’s remarkable voice, which sounds inescapably melancholy, tremendously sexy and often slightly menacing. It does all sorts of things well, and its full range is on display here.

larryGene Simmons may think that rock is dead but Larry Fulford does not! In fact Larry is pretty vocal about his feelings on the issue. I might have said a thing or two as well but there are others much more articulate than me, like The Reverend Horton Heat or Dee Dee Snider, talking abut the issue in places other than this so I won’t bore you with an ill conceived rant of my own.

THAT’S rock ‘n’ roll, Mr. Simmons. Naïve, adolescent, stubborn. Willing to fight for what you believe in, no matter the odds. And not even necessarily because you want to, but because you genuinely feel like you HAVE to. A force greater than yourself puts your stupid ass in that van and says, “Go.” And you go. – Larry Mutha Fuckin’ Fulford

Michelle Evans:

DBN Squallfest Giveaway 2DBN is doing another giveaway! Not that it comes as a shock to anyone ’cause DBN obviously has the hook ups. This time it’s a Squallfest prize package and if you don’t know what Squallfest is then you’ve obviously been living in a cave and need to crawl out and get some sun! Aside from a festival with an amazing lineup it also benefits the Cure Alzheimer’s foundation.

corybrananBHAM FM tells us that Southern Rock isn’t dead (Duh!) and then goes on to prove it with a pretty damn good Spotify mix tape that should be your Saturday afternoon soundtrack. ‘Tis rather fitting that they use a picture of the venerable Mr. Cory Branan as the image for article as he’s touring on his latest record which is his best to date and definitely Southern.

The genre “southern rock” has kind of disappeared over the years and it’s time to be revived. Beards, long hair, whiskey, cigarettes, denim, American flags and Muscle Shoals are still intact so why is southern rock not?

Sturgill Simpson went on Conan O’Brien, played country music, and made a new fan. Thanks to Stereogum for the video evidence. It’s really pretty cool to see an artist that we love get someone excited like that.

Last night, he and his band were on Conan, where they played the song “Living The Dream” and treated the show’s stage like it was in an Alabama truck stop. Conan, for once, sounded genuinely happy by the time they got done. Watch the performance below.

Mike Ostrov:

Improv4Humans_1600x1600_Cover-300x300Another good musician on the Improv4humans podcast, Joey Cape promoting his tour with One Week Records friends Chris Cresswell and Brian Wahlstrom.

…Joey plays some songs which serve as inspiration for improvised scenes about a group of friends giving one of their buddies an end a friendship agreement, a musician who explicitly titles & writes songs with the name of a person they really know, a band that rocks the boat wherever they go, and much more!

cadizMelaena Cadiz, featured years ago on Ninebullets, has a new Daytrotter session up.

Melaena Cadiz chronicles the plights of the searchers, of the reachers and of all those helplessly apart people operating so deep below heaven. She writes and sings about presence and absence, as they weigh on one another. She deals with the wooden hearts and limbs that we sometimes build into our bodies so that the reverberations of the pains that hit us like birds smacking dead into clear windows that they can’t see can’t ripple through all of our muscles.

sg-logoMail the Horse, who I won’t shut up about, premiered a new song and detailed their tour on Stereogum.
Tour Dates:
09/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
09/17 Baltimore, MD @ Windup Space
09/18 Richmond, VA @ Books Bikes and Beyond
09/19 Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
09/20 Charlottesville, VA @ Private Event
09/21 Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s Downtown
09/22 Charlotte, NC @ Thomas St. Tavern
09/23 Atlanta, GA @ The Music Room
09/24 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
09/25 Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
09/26 Nashville, TN @ The East Room
09/27 Louisville, KY @ Cropped Out Festival
09/28 Lexington, KY @ The Green Lantern
09/29 Columbus, OH @ Woodlands Tavern
09/30 Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers Coyote Cafe
10/01 Ithaca, NY @ Just Because Center
10/02 Hudson, NY @ Half Moon Saloon
10/03 Newmarket, NH @ The Stone Church
10/04 Boston, MA @ Lilypad


I haven’t put one of these together in a couple of weeks due to party plans (it was amazing in case you were wondering) and I don’t feel bad about it. But now that I have no excuse left here are some links to get you through the weekend!

Autopsy IV

Gillian Welch covers As Long As The Grass Shall Grow on Look Again to the Wind: Johnny Cash’s Bitter Tears Revisited, an Americana tribute to Johnny Cash.

Fifty years ago this October, Johnny Cash released Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian, a concept album that turned its back on virtually everything else that was happening in country music — from countrypolitan arrangements to the Bakersfield sound — and blazed its own trail.

Feel Bad For August 2014

Joe Pug covers Springsteen on Dead Man’s Town: A Tribute to Born in the U.S.A.

It is at once a testament to the timelessness of the Boss’s songwriting and to the unchanged economic torpor of working people in America that this song is so relevant 30 years later. I was thrilled and honored that Lightning Rod Records gave me the opportunity to try to interpret one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists.

Mike Ostrov

Jenny Owen Youngs starts an advice column for Noisey

In our new column “Any Questions? with Jenny Owen Youngs,” we hand the reigns over our favorite Brooklyn songstress and let her answer your questions. What qualifies a woman whose hobbies include Instagramming stuffed Ninja Turles (see above) to dole out advice? Nothing really, she’s just a sage lady. You can heed her wisdom or not. That’s up to you. Here’s her first crack at answering your questions. (And if you’d like to ask her questions anonymously, you can do so here.)

Charley “The City Mouse” Fasano gives us a stream of his new EP Retrospect/ed

Retrospect/ed is a multimedia collaboration of storytelling, block printing and film between poet and artist Charly Fasano and Memphis, Tennessee’s Lucero. It is a It is available as a 7 inch vinyl record that includes an illustrated book, mp3 download code as well as bonus tracks of the first 7 inch Charly Fasano and Lucero released in 2006 and a hand pulled linocut block print that appears in the book. It is also available as a pocket book that will include a mp3 download code.

The podcast Improv4Humans, in which host/UCB founder Matt Besser and three other comedians do improv sketches together, has featured some great musical guests in the past few months. In the musical episodes, the sketches are inspired by songs the guests play in studio. Most recently was Chris Farren from Fake Problems; there was Hallelujah the Hills in May; and Drag the River in April.
Chris Farren
Hallelujah the Hills
Drag the River

John Allman

Olivia Jean has an album coming out, Third Man Records has samples for you

Bathtub Love Killings is the debut solo LP from Olivia Jean, the multi-instrumentalist who cut her teeth in the Third Man stable backing folks as varied as Karen Elson, Wanda Jackson and Jack White in addition to fronting the much-loved Black Belles. Jean has accrued a lifetime of experience in a few short years, from highlight performances on The Colbert Report, Conan, Late Show With David Letterman and The Grand Old Opry stage to having one of her songs used as the theme for the television series Elvira’s Movie Macabre. Produced by Jack White, Bathtub Love Killings showcases Jean as a songwriting force to be reckoned with. Playing damn-near every instrument she could get her hands on, the result is a well-rounded, catchy record that’s chock-a-block full of ear worm moments.

Links Around The Web – 08/02/2014


Michelle Evans, 9B writer and the proprietor of Dear Ben Nichols wants you to win tickets to Well Crafted!

The Dear Ben Nichols Lucero fan site is at it again with one of their awesome giveaways. This time, you could win two tickets to the Well Crafted Festival for next Saturday, August 9th, as well as music from Lexington, KY locals and fellow festival performers, Those Crosstown Rivals and Tyler Childers. Lucero’s front man, Ben Nichols, headlines that night, and there will be performances by 9B favorites like Austin Lucas, John Moreland, Adam Faucett, Doc Feldman, Josh Nolan, and Egon Danielson.

Click the link and follow the instructions…

Here’s what Autopsy IV thinks was important this week…

Gaslight Anthem “dropped Stay Vicious”, another new track:

Noisey gave us the premier of a new Justin Townes Earl track:

Romeo Sid Vicious thinks this is crap you ought to check out…

CoS premiered another track off of Tweedy’s forthcoming Sukierae “Fake fur Coat“:

The Reverend Horton Heat has a new video out and it premiered on Dangerous Minds:

BSHQ shared a video of Bobby Bare Jr. covering The Smiths “What Difference Does It Make?” with Cory Branan doing the guitar solos:

Anti artist Sean Rowe has a new album out in September, that you can preorder and if you haven’t seen the video for “Madman” then you’re missing out:


This is a combination of last week’s links and this week’s links since I had people to do and things to see last week. Did you see my new truck? She needs a name and stickers. Ping me on FB for where to send stickers!

Mike thinks you should check out these links:

Still reigning best librarian in the world, Jenna Freedman organizes mobile zine salon on the new York subway

Interview with Drag City Records’ Rian Muprhy about their 25th anniversary

Cartoons by Phil Elvrum a musician from Anacortes, WA

Autopsy IV provides a list of new tracks from some 9B faves for this week’s links around the web:

New Justin Townes Earl: White Gardenias

New Cory Branan: You Make Me

New Gaslight Anthem: Get Hurt

New Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires: Born In The U.S.A.

New Murder City Devils: Pale Disguise

Stuff Romeo Sid Vicious thinks you ought to look at:

You know that comic book I mentioned last time, the one on hiatus? Well it’s coming back and I am pretty excited about it.

If you’re in to comic books at all then you should also check out Punk Rock Jesus, now available as a graphic novel. It’s a six issue mini-series about a clone of Jesus Christ from DC’s Vertigo imprint.

John Moreland appears to be recording a new album. Apparently this guy can just decide to make a record, announce it offhandedly, then just go do it! This might be the most exciting thing I saw all week.


In a break from tradition 9B will now be adding a Saturday post. Something along the lines of Links Around The Web and other content that’s tangentially but not quite directly related to our usual fare. I hope you enjoy our weekend content as much as you enjoy our musings through the week!

Via: Autopsy IV
An amazing release in the works from Bejamin Booker, who got signed by ATO at the last 9B anniversary party, is getting some good press

Via: Autopsy IV

SXSWArtist applications for SXSW 2014 are now open. So if you want to play the horror show that is SXSW then it’s time to start thinking about it. I’m personally going to try and go this time around but it’ll just be little ol’ me and not a 9B official showing. Maybe if things simmer down a bit I’ll try and do a party in 2016 and get some of the crew to head to Austin in a show of force! If playing SXSW is your thing and you didn’t know about this already just click the SXSW logo and get the process started.

Via: Mike Ostrov
Jonathan Coody from Ninja Gun has some solo stuff up on Soundcloud that’s worthy of your attention. If you’re not familiar with ninja Gun then now’s a perfect time to visit their website and read their bio while you listen to Coody’s Soundcloud.

Via: Romeo Sid Vicious
mahonesEast Grand is releasing the vinyl for The Mahones’ newest album. Having covered The Tosspints and The Ramshackle Army here on 9B I think EGR is the perfect fit for this release. It’s up for pre-order now and it’s going to be a great album to be sure. I’m pre-ordering this and if you’re so inclined you should show EGR and The Mahones some love as well.

Via: Romeo Sid Vicious
That is a panel from one of my favorite comic books. (Yeah, I’m that kind of nerd) Li’l Depressed Boy is the brainchild of Shaun Steven Struble is partially available as a webcomic at the first link. Beyond that Image has released it as a print comic along with corresponding graphic novels. The main character is obsessed with music and is at a point in his life that I think we, the 9B crowd, have been through. My favorite part of the series is with Sina Grace handling the art but it’s pretty damn amazing start to finish, as if you couldn’t tell that my the single panel I posted! The series is on hiatus but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the trades and start reading.

Links Around The Web


And now back to your irregular rundown of what’s happening on the internet.


mcdA couple of weeks ago McDougall played a festival here in Ft. Collins. His set was one of the highlights of the day. He also told me that he has a new record finished and that he’s hoping for a release by the end of the year. But this post isn’t about that-McDougall recently debuted his cooking skills. (Humor & new songs are also on display)

Watch his episode of Dinner & A Show here: It’s really great.


glossary is still on a hiatus but here’s a really in depth and interesting interview with Joey about his creative process. The I Think We Should Talk blog has the scoop.


tcgkexpIf you’ve caught Two Cow Garage in the last few months you’ve most likely heard two new songs. One by Shane & one by Micah. Depending on the soundsystem at your local rock club, you’ve probably had trouble making out all the lyrics. If you watch music videos on youtube you’ve most likely come across KEXP, the community station in Seattle, because they’ve had a ton of great guests. World collided when Two Cow Garage recently went into the KEXP studios. Part of their 16 minute set was those two new songs. Enjoy these beauties.


Finally, that cooking show with McDougall was so rad I need to share the first episode of Dinner & A Show with The Hooten Hallers.