Carolyn Mark – Nothing is Free

I am still really new to the phenomena that is Carolyn Mark. Having heard her the first time in the soundtrack of a movie I was watching, I became addicted to the tracks I had almost immediately. So, while I can not pretend to really know too much about Mrs. Mark, I can make certain deductions from listening to her music, like, if you know her in person, I imagine you always know where you stand with her. Also, I bet she would be an absolute riot to get shitty drunk with and, as frequent readers of this blog know, that’s a good thing in my so-called life.

Well, she recently released her sixth album, Nothing is Free, on Mint Records. The album continues the trend of songs about the down-and-out lifestyle, with an unapologetic ‘damned the torpedoes’ attitude, in lieu of wallowing in it, feel. Mrs. Mark has crafted a fine album of emotion, with an air of indifferent disconnect. It is that very feel that makes Mark’s music cut to the bone. While it isn’t worn on the sleeve on Nothing is Free as much as her previous releases, it is still my reason for loving her, and one won’t need to dig to deep to find its essence.

Carolyn Mark – The 1 That Got Away (With It)
Carolyn Mark – 1 Thing
Carolyn Mark – Pirate and Shotgun

The song that started it all for me: 2 Days Smug & Sober

Carolyn Mark’s Official Site, Carolyn Mark on myspace, Buy Nothing is Free