Captains Dead

Normally we use the powers of the 9B fan club, all three of you, to help out bands. Be it for a kickstarter campaign for a new album, lost or stolen gear, or a couple of other things. You guys have always stepped up and helped out. Today I’m asking for help for a fellow blogger, Greg, from Captains Dead. In a rather longish stream of events he sold his site, but kept doing all the heavy lifting. Fast forward a while and it’s come to this. The folks who bought it want out of the music blog business and Greg wants back in. Not content to just hand things back over they are making it difficult for him to get the site back. As with any campaign every little bit helps.

Greg is a good guy and in my opinion a great voice in our little blogging community. He’s only a couple of days in to this campaign as I type this up and already has some decent support. I figure if we all drop some change in the guitar case and tell our friends that we can make this a reality. So go read his story and I hope you can find it in your heart to help out a friend. Music blogs come and go but some of them deserve to stick around. Like our little piece of the web here, Captains Dead is one we shouldn’t let die.