Because Songs Matter


Half of my office has Boston PD scanners running. The other half are glued to their twitter feed. The scene inspired me to tweet out: “Turn off your twitter and listen to music. People will die today but we don’t need to treat it like a sporting event” in hopes they’d see it. They did. Called me a hippie.

Cam Penner has a new album coming soon called, To Build A Fire. He posted a video of the title track a few days ago with a cool story about how it came into the world.

Kind of seems fitting to post it this morning.

I love my daughter. She is more rock n roll than anyone I know. She yells, screams, jumps off stuff that will definitely hurt her. She turns the hi-fi to ten and dances in front of the speakers. She openly defies me every day and hour. She basically is selfish and I love her to f*n death. She rules my world and her beauty literally brings me to my knees.

My daughter is sixteen months old. Yup that young that I still count her age in months. Me? I’m almost four hundred and eighty months old. I know you’re doing the math, I don’t care.

When I put her to bed, I read to her, I hold her in my arms and sing to her (every night that I’m not on the road singing to you).

Anyways, I’m holding her one night in my arms, singing to her and these words start coming out of my mouth, “I’ve got to know that you’ll make it through the night, make it through the day, make it out alive, that you’ll always have water running down the mountain side, always have shelter and know to build a fire.”

And that’s where this album started.

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