Cake – B-Sides and Rarities

I am a fringe Cake fan. I like their hits well enough and even know all the words to more than two of them. With that said, I do not own nor have I ever owned a single cd…..Until now.

Who knows, maybe the Cake purists will think B-Sides and Rarities is crap, or perhaps it is a collection of stuff that a true Cake fan already has but I found the cd to be brilliant. From the opening cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs to the Cakeified version of Barry White’s Never Gonna Give You Up this album is a whimsical romp (albeit Cake-style) through various covers. Plus they cover Kenny Rogers’ Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town (I always thought it’s title was just “Ruby”) and hey…..anytime a Kenny Rogers cover shows up on something it gets a +2 on the cool scale from me. There are 2 versions of War Pigs on the cd….one studio and one live featuring Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips and did I mention the Kenny Rogers cover?

You know what’s almost as cool as the Kenny Rogers cover? The cd cover art…can you say scratch and sniff? Oh yeah, available in a enough colors and smells to keep the completest in the record stores for weeks they include red/fresh cut roses, yellow/banana, brown/leather, green/fresh cut grass, and purple/grape.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the band also plan to release a live album titled Live at the Crystal Palace later this year and are currently in the studio finishing their sixth studio record, tentatively out early next year.

And did I mention the Kenny Rogers cover?

B-Sides and Rarities is available August 14 but if you just have to have it you can head over to the band’s website,, and pre-order the CD now.

B-sides and Rarities tracklisting:

1. “War Pigs” (Sabbath)
2. “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” (Kenny Rogers)
3. “Mahna Mahna”
4. “Excuse Me, I think I’ve Got a Heartache” (Buck Owens)
5. “Conroy”
6. “Strangers in the Night” (Frank Sinatra)
7. “Subtract One Love (Multiply the Heartaches)” (George Jones)
8. “Never Never Gonna Give You Up” (Barry White)
9. “Thrills”
10. “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”
11. “It’s Coming Down”

3 thoughts on “Cake – B-Sides and Rarities”

  1. Ruby was a song of my childhood introduced to me by my father, Cake were a band of my young teens introduced to me by my brother. Combining the two a totally new experience.

    I will be looking forward to this release for sure 😀

  2. There isn’t enough on this disc to justify buying it. Three tracks are basically instrumentals, two are demos of earlier songs, one is a live version of the first song on the disc. Search the web for mp3’s of the few songs worth having from this album and save your money for their live album when it’s released. I’ve been listening to this disc for a while now so I know what I’m talking about (even though it’s not released until Oct.)

  3. I am so curious to know who they have sampled in “Thrills.” It sounds like a speech made decades ago. Does anyone have any ideas?

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