Hey everyone. A band is big big fans of, Ha Ha Tonka, has found themselves in a little bit of a bind which you can read about here. I really like these guys. They make good music, they’re super nice in person and if you get to see them live it’s immediately obvious that they love what they’re doing. Unfortunately, what they’re doing comes with a lot of personal sacrifices and very little rewards in return. As a result, the band has found themselves in a financial bind and are in need of help.

When Google started up their motto was “don’t be evil.” Ever since I started ninebullets my main goal was to never ever be a parasite on the bands I love. Which is why I don’t accept advertising or make any real effort to profit from the site. When I saw their call for help today I started marinating on ways I could help despite the fact that I currently live on a 40 dollars a week personal spending money budget and it finally came to me. Sell of the remaining 9B shirt and send all that money to the band. So. I have a few 9B shirts (see below) that I need to sell and all the money from them will go right into Ha Ha Tonka’s paypal account the moment they’re all sold. So. Let’s help out some guys out there trying to live their dreams by bringing their music to our hometowns….

Here are the sizes I have. Shirts are 20 Dollars. Email me ( and I’ll send you my paypal email address.

(3) Women’s Small
(1) Women’s Large
(2) Unisex Small

I’ll make sure and keep the inventories updated. If all the shirts sell we’ll be able to donate 140 dollars to the band and I’ll throw in 10 to make it a square 150.

UPDATE: Bloodshot Records is sending me some stuff to include in the mailings so the pot has gotten a little sweeter. Now, get off your wallets folks. Cool shirt. Cool extras. Good feeling.


  1. Also, I’ll cover the shipping of the shirts….20 dollars on a shirt = 20 dollars to the band…no shipping will be extracted…

  2. bought both their albums. I liked one of the songs of theirs you posted up a while back, Fourth in a fervor but never bought it from them. And I sent ’em a check for $25. was gonna do a ten spot, but whatever I’ll not eat out a couple times or something. I love their clean sound and rocking lyrics. Thanks for mentioning it though as I’m not tracking much on myspace anymore.

  3. that’s awesome!
    you’ve done your good deed for the day. feel free to kick a dog.

    Thanks for helping them out. They could certainly use it right now.

  4. oddly enough the dog kicking occurred this morning when the bitch bit me, but I swear I wasn’t trying to buy redemption. I just feel their pain and they kick ass.

  5. Hey Nine,

    Kyle from Antennas Up here. As a good friend of HHT, I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for doing this. The guys are definitely in a bit of a rut with the van, and seeing the music community reach out and help them is really great.


  6. That really sucks about the van. I’ve always liked HHT and I’ve seen them a couple times live – always a great show. I dropped a quarter in their virtual hat, so to speak, and I am really hoping I’ll be able to catch them with Murder by Death next week in Madison.

  7. nice work autopsy, as always, thanks for spreading the good word and great grooves.. just sent a little paypal love their way…

  8. If I can’t make it to their show next week in Chicago I’ll send the ticket money straight to them. Hope they make it through the rest of the tour all right!

  9. My check got returned. the envelope was opened and then returned to me as adressee unknown. I sent it to their address in Lee’s Summit. You got anything better?

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