Buck 65 `Dirty Work' EP available for download

Buck 65
has made all 5 of the tracks of his new EP `Dirty Work’ available for download on his website.

The Dirtywork ep was recorded during an unprecidented creative surge, even by my own standards of prolificacy. The five songs were written and recorded during the same period as the week of the first major deadline for Big Rig and during work for the next proper album, in addition to other current secret projects. Call it ‘ants in the pants’ or call it plain ol’ craziness, I’ve been on a splurge lately.

It felt important to me to get some work out there that was 100% mine. It’s been a while. I’ve been working with others for some years now. The last album was done almost entirely with Tortoise and the next album is a major collaboration as well. I’m very happy with all the recent efforts, but I was itchy to get back to good, old-fashioned beat-making.

The plan here is to post a new song each week for five weeks. Five new songs. On a couple of the songs I had a few friends like Old Man Luedecke (banjo), Lucas Pierce (upright bass), and my old buddy Chuck (Charles Austin – guitar) play some parts. But primarily, this ep was constructed by me, at home, with my rudimentary tools, recording with no budget. This is certainly a low-fi affair. I like it like that. I figured it was time for a return to the dirty, which is partly why the project is called Dirtywork.

You can get the tracks here….also, you can get art for each track from here.