Bryn Perrott, a Morgantown, WV-based artist who works at Wild Zero Studios, created the artwork for the new Lucero EP, Texas and Tennessee. I caught up with her via email to see if she might answer a few questions, and she graciously obliged.

What is the story behind the artwork for the new Lucero EP cover you designed?

The album art for Lucero’s most recent EP is based on older tattoo flash. I’ve been a fan of Lucero for over 10 years now, and I was asked to do the cover through my wood carvings. I made a woodcut for Nikki Lugo (who works at Tattoo Paradise in D.C.), and she received that woodcut in the mail the same day another tattooer, Grant Cobb (who works at Spotlight Tattoo in L.A.), was guesting at Tattoo Paradise. He then purchased one, which he hung in his tattoo station. Jimmy Perlman, Lucero’s tour manager, saw the carving while the band was touring a little over a year ago. Jimmy, also a tattooer, often contacts tattoo shops, and visits them while they are in the different cities during tour. There’s a huge tattoo relationship with the band. Very connected. Jimmy got a woodcut and spoke about designing shirts at some point in the future, sort of welcoming me into the Lucero family. I thought it was fitting to use tattoo references for their merch. I made several drawings and a carving.

How did you get into wood carving?

I got into carving about 15 years ago. Its the same process as making a relief print, which I also did prior to just focusing on the blocks. I was also a printmaking major in college. I started working in a tattoo shop about five years ago, and it’s had a heavy influence on the images I choose, and how I build a composition.

Tell us about one of your favorite Lucero memories.

My favorites are recent memories. Getting to know them as people through making their art. I guess its nothing specific but becoming friends with the band and all the people who work with them on tour. Everyone is so hospitable and fun. In the past, my friends and I would drive to any city close to us to see them. I suppose there might have been some wild drinking antics in a 15 passenger van on the way to Columbus to see Lucero (the driver was sober). That feels like ages ago… 2004.


Do you have any Lucero tattoos?

I have two Lucero tattoos: I have the star with the “L.” (Unfortunately, not one done by a member of the band.) I also have “Nobody’s Darling” tattooed on my wrist.

You can see most of Perrott’s creations for sale at shows or on Lucero’s web site.

Lucero – Texas & Tennessee


  1. Her woodcarving is badass! One of my good friends has started doing leather work fairly recently and I’m always interested in any sort of art / work like this, I really liked some of those animal blocks / carvings (not sure about terminology but the one with the deer with owls in its horns is awesome….along with others) I’m gonna have to see what she sells them for once I have a little more money setup!

    Thanks for this it was a good switch up from the music!

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