Brown Bird – Salt For Salt

You wouldn’t think that groovy would ever be a proper way to describe a record by a folk group but after dozens and dozens of listens to Brown Bird’s Salt For Salt I can’t think of a better one word description.  Lately I’ve been listening to a shit ton of these type bands and the biggest progression folk groups have made over the years is the implementation of percussion.  Brown Bird does it very simply, you can check out the bass drum work in this video.

Brown Bird is a Rhode Island based duo featuring David Lamb and Morganeve Swain.  They harmonize, they play banjo, fiddle, cello, upright bass, and others and make music that is haunting and beautiful and in the right setting could bring me to tears or scare me into a corner.  Lamb has a booming and unique voice and his lyrical themes often deal with the elements of mother nature.  They are well thought out and well written and at the end of “Blood Of Angels” Lamb and Swain trade vocal back and forths like nothing I’ve ever heard anywhere.

Autopsy IV has been known to make proclamations on Nine Bullets from time to time and so I’ll take a chance and make my own.  If you are one of this blog’s legions of William Elliot Whitmore fans then Brown Bird will become one of your favorite new bands.  Book it.

Folk music sometimes gets the wrap for being boring but not only is Brown Bird’s Salt For Salt not boring: it is Essential Listening.  And since the year is rapidly ending I can promise you Salt For Salt will be very high on my year-end list.

Brown Bird – Fingers To The Bone
Brown Bird – Blood Of Angels
Brown Bird – Thunder And Lightning

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4 thoughts on “Brown Bird – Salt For Salt”

  1. I live in Denver and Brown Bird opened for the devil makes three a couple weeks ago. They were anything but boring to say the least. The whole set sounded like the color of whiskey. These guys killed it. Glad to see this band show up on here. I def agree with the groovy-ness of their music. right on.

    1. I live up the road in the fort and if I had gotten my act together I would have caught that show also. Now I’m really pissed I missed it. Thanks for reading.

      1. I bet we have been to a lot of the same shows. I grew up in the fort and am splitting my time between there and denver until my work situation smooths out.

  2. I used to listen to their Such Unrest album every now and then, I must update myself.

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