If you had told me that you wanted me to listen to four kids from a small town in Canada I would have probably brushed you off with a “No way, you hoser!” which means I would have missed out on the goodness that is Brothers Through The Hill. There isn’t lot to their history out there. It pretty much much boils down to four good friends playing music that they love and getting a chance to record an album. Adelaide is the result of that chance and on it there’s anger, whiskey, murder, lost love and more along with a tight musical backing that really brings it all together.

While Adelaide is a little less twangy than I normally enjoy the strength of the lyrics more than makes up for it. The writing and themes are mostly dark but the music isn’t dreary so it doesn’t feel like music to kill yourself to but more like music you to pop on when you are drinking to forget. And I guess that’s what finally hooked me in the end. So while I revel in Boston winning the Stanley Cup I find myself recommending a Canadian band and pointing out that they are Essential Listening. As much as I like to make fun of Canada and her residents these boys kick a lot of ass musically and more than worth your time. If you don’t believe me then maybe these tracks will change your mind…

Brothers Through The Hill – 66 Miles
Brothers Through The Hill – Poison Bed
Brothers Through The Hill – Down

Brothers Through The Hill official site
Brothers Through The Hill on ReverNation


  1. I really hope Autopsy finds some good help, other than the Eilen Jewell album pretty mush everything else he has posted in the last few months have been pretty shitty. It’s not that the music has been all bad but it kind of all has that Singer songwriter Red Dirt feel which is starting to get old. What is the saying what doesn’t evolve eventually dies. Or maybe there is a drought of music in this little holler of alt/american/punkish/what ever the hell we’re calling it these days scene type thing. Either way a little stirring of the pot has got to be good for something if not to just to keep us from burning.

  2. Ok so I give you the Joe Lewis record is pretty good, not as good as “Tell ‘Em what your name is” was. (“Get yo shit” is just an epic song) but I admit this new one is a good record none the less.

    It just feels like you’re scrapping the barrel, coming up with mostly dregs and the rare piece of meat that’s been stuck to the bottom.

  3. I’m sure it will be with the new Scott H Biram out in October and hell maybe the new 4 Hank III records in September might not suck like that last steaming pile he put out.

  4. Fuck now you’ve jinxed it and it’s going to suck and sound like that stupid assjack white trash metal album.

    I can already see it now:

    Announced later this year Hank III and Shooter Jennings do a record together called the “Those Damn Kids of Outlaw of Country”

  5. Speaking of brothers, I dont ever remember any one mentioning the “Sons of Bill” out of Charlottesville, VA on here. Great lyrics…..dark, heart broken, drinking lyrics. Check them out.

  6. I checked out this album – its GREAT. definately worth checking out, with upbeat songs (like February Is For Giving Up, 66 Miles, Come and Go) and the slower tunes (Digging Graves, Witches and the Dead) its a perfect mix. The lyrics are great, the lead singer’s voice is unique and more than enjoyable, and the music’s got more than a few catchy riffs.

    – This is all I’ve listened to for a month – love it.

  7. Thanks. Very nice. Kinda sorta a janglier more mainstream Elliot Brood. Sorta. Seems like there’s much good toonage coming from our brothers and sisters to the north these days. Anyhow, I appreciate you.

    “Music is the only religion that delivers the goods” Frank Zappa

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