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Brothers of the Last Watch

With the new John Moreland (9b review) and the new Jason Isbell it’s been a week of monster releases and truth be told; amongst all the (deserved) press and gushing those two albums are gonna get, the debut from Brothers Of The Last Watch is bound to come and go with barely a notice.

And that’s why exists….

Brothers of The Last Watch is ninebullets’ beloved Scott McDougall and John Johnson of none other than Hillstomp. I’ve been wanting an album from these fellas ever since a buddy made me aware of them and I ripped “Frank T. James” and “The Wind” off their reverbnation page. Since that day, 8 months ago, they’ve been in regular rotation on Ninebullets Radio and the Podcast. Hell, it could be said that this was my most anticipated album of this year and I did not even know it was coming until a promo copy of it landed in my inbox.

Now in a moment of full disclosure; I’ve found thus far that Scott McDougall can do no wrong when a guitar is in his hands and he’s singing. Brothers Of The Last Watch is no different. It’s a bigger, more orchestrated version of McDougall, but that road-weary optimism and pro-human lyrical styling is fully present for all 11 tracks. So, once again, in my mind, McDougall has done no wrong.

So, buy your Isbell albums and your Moreland albums. They’re both awesome and deserve your undivided attention. Then once they’re both well-worn and you need to change gears, put on your ass-shaking pants and buy the Essential Listening sound that is the Brothers Of The Last Watch debut.

Brothers Of The Last Watch - Frank T. James     

Brothers Of The Last Watch - Book Of John     

Brothers Of The Last Watch - The Wind     

Brothers Of The Last Watch’s Official Site, Brothers Of The Last Watch on Facebook, Stream & Buy The Entire Album


  1. June 12, 2013    

    Scott is good people, definitely worth checking out.

  2. willy willy
    June 12, 2013    

    fucking great record love hearing a more raucous version of mcdougall

  3. June 13, 2013    

    this record is badass. strong all the way through and feels kinda like getting punched with a roll of nickels.

  4. June 14, 2013    

    Instant buy.

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