Sometimes. Okay, most times, I choose the album I write about on ninebullets, but on occasion an album picks me. Such was the case with Brett Detar’s newest album, Bird In The Tangle.

I first came to know of Bird In The Tangle when Brett mailed me an absolutely beautiful copy of it on vinyl (seriously, it was the most impressive LP packaging I’ve ever seen). However, in my house I can’t even play a cd outside of the laptop so playing a record ain’t happening sp I ended up giving the LP to someone who I thought would properly appreciate it. Later on I came across the album again, somehow, it might have been on reviewshine, I’m not sure. Point is, the album was on my radar again, and again I passed on it. Finally a buddy of mine posted a link to Brett’s bandcamp profile on my Facebook, which 2 people immediately liked and after 5 months, I actually listened to the album.

Bird In The Tangle is Brett’s first solo album, but he’s no rookie to the music scene. Brett spent the better part of the early 2000’s in the rock and roll band The Juliana Theory. Now I’ve got to admit that, though I’ve heard the name before, I don’t know that I’ve ever actually heard anything from The Juliana Theory. Not that it matters, though, The Juliana Theory broke up in 2006 and we’re talking about Bird In The Tangle. While people will place the label “Americana” on this album when they’re pressed to label it, I described it as indie-country when my wife asked what it sounded like. It has all the proper instruments, themes and arrangements that a proper Americana album is supposed to have, but that “Southern rock” quotient has been replaced with a thinner, more spacious rock element and the results are something quite entertaining. It’s also nice to see an artist make the switch over and not hop on the writing punk songs with an acoustic guitar sound that Ragan and Barry perfected.

Bird In The Tangle admittedly starts slow but really picks up around track 6. It’s a great debut and an artist we’ll certainly be keeping our eyes on here in / radio land. You can get his album for the cost of your email address over on his web site. I’d say it’s worth the price.

Brett Detar – Coasts
Brett Detar – This World Ain’t Got Nothing
Brett Detar – Road To Ruin Woman

Brett Detar’s Official Site, Brett Detar on Facebook, Brett Detar on Spotify, Buy Bird In The Tangle


  1. I was very excited to hear this when it came out. Being a huge fan of The Juliana Theory I couldnt wait to hear Brett’s solo stuff. What a change he has gone through, from writing songs for the metal band Zao in the late 90’s to perfecting the indie pop sound with TJT to writing beautiful country songs as these. I wish I could get a hold of the lp, and am extremely jealous that you were sent one.

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