Brent Best – Your Dog, Champ – Teaser Tracks


Something that’s been years in the making is finally happening. On August 7, 2105, Last Chance Records will release the Brent Best solo album: Your Dog, Champ. Two tracks are currently available for streaming on Brent’s site and they are fucking good! I personally couldn’t be more excited about this release and stoked for Last Chance Records to be putting it out. If those two tracks aren’t enough for you, here’s a video from Holiday Hangout 2013 to whet your appetite.

5 thoughts on “Brent Best – Your Dog, Champ – Teaser Tracks”

  1. I listened to the tracks & they sound great but that’s no surprise as Slobberbone were untouchable in my view & I still blast out the albums on occasion. I will hold off on buying the new album though because you never know, he may just send me the solo recording I paid for over five years ago. I have no problem helping someone I rate so highly but the total lack of updates or info of any sort over the years does disappoint. I’m from the UK & have bought Slobberbone albums for family & friends to try spread the joy so feel a little let down. Nevertheless I would love it to be a success.

  2. I’ve been listening to Aunt Ramona for years. Might be a boot from a live show. Anyway all good news.

    1. Yeah, I’ve seen/heard the boot “Aunt Ramona” from a record store show with Micah, Shane, and Joey Kneiser. The version I’m talking about was filmed by friend of 9B, Kevin. It’s such an amazing song.

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