Both celebrating our third birthday this year, and the Deep Blues Festival have basically grown up together. I’ve been pimping DBF from day 1 and despite the odds, Chris keeps putting this festival on year in and year out. And now, in the Y2k9, and DBF unite. I dunno about Chris but this all seems right and natural for me.

The third annual Deep Blues Festival will be taking place in Minneapolis this year at the 331 Club and The Cabooze (no fields this year!). It will run from Wednesday July 15th through Sunday July 19th. The Wednesday show will be at the 331 Club while the rest of the festival is at the Cabooze. The shows are Wed. night, Thurs. night and all day Friday and Saturday. Sunday will be a gospel brunch where you’ll be able to mingle with (and fawn over) the bands. Speaking of the bands. HOLY SHIT! Chris went and booked himself a band or two….or seventy-friggin’-six. That’s right….seventy six bands will grace this years’ Deep Blues Festival’s stages. And those 76 bands are probably why you’re here today. So, without further ado, I present the Official Deep Blues Festival 2009 Line-Up:

(click for larger version)

Whoa shit! All those bands plus you get the chance to drink yourself into oblivion with me. I KNOW! you’re itching to buy an advance ticket now. But on the reals…I know the economy is a muthafucker right now. Shit, I work within the construction industry. It doesn’t get much worse than it does for us but I’m telling you now, it’s worse for all 76 bands on that list above. Is that your problem? Nope. Should you loseWeight Exercise your job for this (or any) festival? Absolutely not. However, airline prices are at  ridiculously low rates and hotels all over the U.S. are begging for business so if there was ever a time to attend the Deep Blues Festival, this would be it. That said, DBF gets that the world could be treating us better and has setup a message board here in case you wanna arrange a roommate/taxi situation.

To close, I wanna offer y’all a band that I’d never heard of that ended up blowing me away and that’s what DBF is all about. So, here is Minneapolis’ own, A Night In The Box‘s Deep Blues Festivals 2008 set:

A Night In The Box – 01 – intro
A Night In The Box – 02 – Unknown
A Night In The Box – 03 – Death Letter
A Night In The Box – 04 – banter
A Night In The Box – 05 – The Garden
A Night In The Box – 06 – banter
A Night In The Box – 07 – Terraplane Blues
A Night In The Box – 08 – banter
A Night In The Box – 09 – West Texas
A Night In The Box – 10 – banter
A Night In The Box – 11 – Hustle
A Night In The Box – 12 – banter
A Night In The Box – 13 – Minnie The Moocher


  1. I agree….although..ALL the bands were great….each and every one…this years line up makes me smile

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