Really. Does anything else need to be said?
Didn’t think so.
Press play.

8 thoughts on “BRAND NEW TWO COW GARAGE”

  1. I’m not afraid to be that guy, so I’ll be him…. and maybe its because these are really RAW, live recordings, but I’m not impressed at ALL by these new songs. Especially “Pacific Standard Time.” PST, is a straight up Micah only song and it loses its power when joined by Shane and Murph. It is a stronger song when its empty. It leaves room for the future, but when you add the bass and the drums, clutters it.

    And that’s it. All these songs feel cluttered, and maybe that’s the charm of them being recorded LIVE, but this is a band on the hunt for a new, bigger label, and these songs feel amaturish, even “Soundtrack.”

    So I’m going to blame the recording, but as a big fan of these guys, I expect better and as a friend of the band, I DEMAND better. I know they are capable of it.

    1. ok, I’ve been drinking all day, and on my fourth listen i like the songs better, but still think Pacific Standard Time is a better acoustic song.

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