10 thoughts on “BRAND NEW SCOTT H. BIRAM SONG:”

  1. Dude that song is the shit. It will be good to hear some new stuff from Scott. This song had some mature lyrics and I am very impressed! Thanks for posting.

  2. I think this is the 6th or 7th time I’ve come back to listen to this. Damn excited about the new album.

  3. I ordered some stuff from Bloodshot Records (new Wayne Hancock!) and got a digital sampler for free which included a new Biram song! I’m not sure if it’s already streaming somewhere, it’s called STILL DRUNK, STILL CRAZY, STILL BLUE and it’s gorgeous, it has a great soul feeling with some nice organ playing. Sounds like the new album is gonna be a good one, maybe not the wild raw hell-raising kind, but more the in the wee small hours of the morning stuff…and I ain’t complaining!

  4. The new album is totally and completely awesome.
    You’re right, it’s a little quieter than the previous albums.

    It makes me happy every single time I listen to it.


    “totally and completely awesome”…man, you weren’t kiddin’!
    Got it today and I never expected it to be sooo good! not that I was doubting his qualities – I like all of his records, both the earlier self-released and the Bloodshot ones – but DAMN! this is more than I hoped for!! Everybody get it! NOW!

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