I’m just gonna apologize in advance for the upcoming month. With the house purchase and related tasks such as painting and moving the demands on my time are gonna be much greater than normal. Most, if not all of that time, will be coming out of the time usually set aside for ninebullets. This may result in postless days, short pieces and some circumstances such as today…I typically do not like to post about albums not yet released. What if you like what you hear? What are the odds of you remembering that album 5 weeks from now when it actually comes out? I tend to think that they are pretty slim but I’m just not at the luxury of planning when things are gonna get mentioned right now. So…

New York’s, Bowery Boy Blue are set to release their debut cd, Stalk That Myth on July 29. I’ve been listening to on repeat it all weekend working on the house and haven’t grown tired of it. Over the course of three years Bowery Boy Blue has grown from the solo efforts of Zeb Gould releasing EP’s to a quartet featuring Sam Crawford on lap slide and lead guitar, Christian Rutledge on drums, and Michael Trepagnier on Bass. Stalk The Myth is a lo-fi americana experience that should be considered must listen for any fans of Neil Young or Magnolia Elec. Co.

Bowery Boy Blue – Come Closer Sisters
Bowery Boy Blue – Dead Great Town

Bowery Boy Blue’s Official Site, Bowery Boy Blue on myspace