This is one that got overlooked last year for some reason or another. I figure it’s never too late to write about good music even if I missed it when it dropped. This one ended up coming by way of a local friend who got a copy somehow and after reading about the band and listening to the music thought I would like it. Well they were right. Formed by former Murderdolls frontman Wednesday 13 as Buck Bourbon and longtime friend and bass player Rayen Belchere as Jessie Crow one can’t help but start out with thoughts of Rob Zombie’s solo stuff but those thoughts are quickly corrected with smooth rhythm and southern guitars that bring back thoughts of arena rock. Overall this offering is pretty basic southern rock all around. It’s not a wall of sound like DBT and it’s not likely you’ll even here it played after Skynyrd on the radio. It is a jukebox album for sure with tracks good for drinking, crying in your beer and even getting cryin’ about your daddy drunk (thanks to Lewis Grizzard for that one).

While there’s not much news about the band right now it looks like Wednesday 13 is doing a glam rock project at the moment but I, for one, hope that he’s not done with Bourbon Crow. From Muderdolls to Bourbon Crow to Gunfire 76, Wednesday 13 has the chops to play whatever he wants but I prefer the Bourbon Crow sound to the other projects he’s worked on. Long Way to the Bottom is Essential Listening as far as I am concerned. It may not be a top ten album but it’s worth dropping into playlist and leaving it there. If you don’t get into the first time around you can trust me that it will grow on you and you won’t be sorry you picked up.

Bourbon Crow – Those Southern Times
Bourbon Crow – Take A Bullet For You
Bourbon Crow – Ol’ Whiskey Mountain

Bourbon Crow on Myspace
Bourbon Crow on Wikipedia
Bourbon Crow – Long Way To The Bottom on Amazon


  1. I was just thinking about a few bands over the week end like Murderdolls and dope…kinda wondering what they were doin now. When I read your post I was gettin kinda excited. I imagined somthing along the lines of HankIII with less punk and more 80’s rock; unfortunatly I heard a little too much Brett Micheals for my taste. I wish Wendsday would put a little more grit in it…..but we’ll see, maybe it’ll grow on me.

  2. I’m pretty surprised you’re so supportive of this. I’m always agreement with your recommendations, but I found this to be a pretty fake sounding “southern rock” album. It kind of sounds like someone is a big fan of Bon Jovi and Poison, but had no writing skills whatsoever.

  3. @Josh I can see where you are coming from and maybe my view is a little tainted by it being Wednesday. I had the same thought as @acdbt wishing it had more grit. I don’t see the Brett Michaels though. But the damn thing grew on me. Maybe it was relating to the lyrics but I can’t put my finger on it. I won’t apologize for the review but I can see where you are coming from. I can’t expect everyone to agree with my reviews but I do like your honesty. Don’t hesitate to call me out in the future. 😛

  4. saw the title and thought this was another Whiskey review. How bout it. Bourbon is my new hobby and I need some pointers.

  5. This is pure southern, frat-boy, country crap. This is Hootie and The Blowfish 2010, only the singer sucks. There are a number of bands like this in Texas, and they show up on the radio from time to time and they shred my ears. The musicianship is fine and the songs could be fine if the lyrics didn’t suck and the singing wasn’t flat. I bet the singer is some handsome shit that the rest of the guys in the band think will get them laid. Well he’ll get laid and every guy with a set of ears will call you a bunch of assholes. Ditch the singer and find someone who can sing and write something more interesting than a middle school poem. I’m not so much ripping on these guys, but the Americana Boy Band shit that fills my ears from time to time. Cross Canadian Ragweed and Mickey and Motorcars are at least good bands. Just because a band plays this style doesn’t mean we have to buy it. The guys who do it well should be listened to (questionable I admit), and let the rest play Alpha Beta Dick Friday night so the lead singer can get laid and the rest of the band can get paid. Stay off the radio and keep your shit on Myspace for the sorority girls. Fuck!

  6. I wrote the response above before reading your review… Are you drunk or on crack? You have clued me into some great music. Please tell me your ears are still working. This is ear vomit of the highest stink. I agree with you 90% of the time but this is crap. The name alone stinks of pandering southern mock shit. Bourbon Crow? How about Whiskey Dreamer or Sherman’s Taint.

  7. @twingliddy: I wasn’t going to bother responding to your posts. But the more I thought about the more I realized I wanted to. I know that everyone won’t always agree on music but 9B has always been respectful about that disagreement. There is some music AIV likes that I just can’t stand and probably vice versa and one of the things I love about 9B is that disagreement has always been polite. I have rarely seen comments like yours on here and I am proud to be part of a site that doesn’t attract these sorts of comments. Every once in a while I suppose someone will come along that doesn’t believe in respect and post some nonsense but I am grateful that around here it’s the exception.

    Hey I like Avril Lavigne when I am really drunk and own everything The Cure has ever released and even sometimes cue up Randy Travis and Hank Williams Jr. so if you want to be rude about your opinion there is plenty of ammunition out there. Heck just check my profile. You may even find some alternative Christian music in there. So go ahead and be a jerk all you like. I take solace in knowing that not everyone will like everything that I like and responses like yours are the exception ’round these parts and not the rule. I hope you keep reading and posting in fact I just also hope that you realize that respectful disagreement is better the two posts above this one.

    Hi! I am Romeo Sid Vicious and I like some music that’s not “scene” or hardcore enough for some folks.

  8. i didn’t mean to come across like a jerk. my anger isn’t directed at you, but the music. i like some crappy music too. everyone does. i don’t think i am cooler than you etc. i just really hate this stuff.

  9. wednesday 13 looks completely diffrent than what you think he shaved his eye brows and is a metal legged he has dreads or long hair and if you listen to murder dolls youll kno why this is so diffrent than the normal country crap thats out there he speaks his mind and dont care what you think and thats real country music if you don’t like it dont listen but i love it this cd is amazing

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