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When I saw that the Black Diamond Heavies had a live album coming out I didn’t even bother to ask for it. When it appeared in my mailbox I wasn’t in any hurry to listen to it. I mean, I love the band on cd and I love the band’s live show even more. I just wasn’t confident that you could capture BDH in a live environment and have it sound good. My reasons were simple, a: they’re a really bass-heavy band, and to make capturing that even more difficult there’s b: they’re exceptionally loud live. With those doubts in mind, the cd sat on my kitchen counter for weeks before I decided to give it an obligatory listen.

With all that said, whomever recorded this show deserves a high-five, 2 shots and a hell yes.

In the end, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the overall sound of the cd. Alive As Fuck captures everything that is awesome about the Black Diamond Heavies. The grit, the grooves, the grime and the funk of a live BDH show are all present as well as well presented. The only things missing are John Wesley Myers’ ever-present cigarette and head banging and me, up front and center with my fifth whiskey.

This cd is not only a must-have for the current fan of the Black Diamond Heavies, but I also wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to offer this cd as an introduction for the BDH neophyte. It manages to capture everything that is The Black Diamond Heavies, which means it has to be Essential Listening….go get you some!

Black Diamond Heavies - Take A Ride     

Black Diamond Heavies - Hambone     

Black Diamond Heavies - Bidin' My Time     

Black Diamond Heavies on myspace, Buy Alive As Fuck


  1. January 22, 2010    

    right on dude, i’ve always dug their sound. thanks for the heads up on the album.

  2. January 22, 2010    

    yeah.. i hadn’t even heard this was coming out.. so two shots and a high five for you too

  3. stucky stucky
    January 22, 2010    

    Amazon is giving away the track “Hambone” for free.

  4. matt matt
    January 22, 2010    

    Great music, great vibe and the singers voice… like Cookie Monster with soul!

  5. robbmc robbmc
    January 31, 2010    

    Great record, I’ve been lucky enough to catch them twice (the first time was a night with Scott Biram, and WHAT A NIGHT!). Definitely one of the loudest bands i’ve ever heard live.

    PS. You have this listed as 2008 in your essential listening AIV 😉

  6. February 1, 2010    


  7. Von Von
    October 15, 2010    

    this was Recorded by Doctor Johnny Walker in Covington, KY’s Masonic Ballroom. Walker, currently in the Cut in the Hill Gang, and formerly the Soledad Brother, did this with a couple mics and a packed room surrounding the band.

    Photo by Scott Beseler

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