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Did you miss the Suburban Home Records Anniversary Party this year? So did I. Having made the last two it was especially hard for me, knowing exactly what I was missing and all. Luckily, Denver music scene chronicler extraordinaire, SxPxDxCx of That’s The Thing About That did not miss it and he ran tape on the entire weekend.

While it’s not the same as being there, I do plan on pouring a tall glass of whiskey tonight and listening to this compilation loud enough to make the neighbors complain.

If you’re interested in doing the same, head over to That’s The Thing About That< and grab it for yourself.

Track Listing:

01. Two Cow Garage – No Shame

Lenny And The Piss Poor Boys - Lonely Days and Whiskey Nights     

Have Gun Will Travel - Kerosene & Candlelight     

Tin Horn Prayer - Alls Well That Ends     

05. Joey Briggs – My Own Enemy
06. Michael Dean Damron – Angels Fly Up
07. The Evening Rig – The Steve McQueens
08. Micah Schnabel – Blame It On Geography
Arliss Nancy - Abacus     

10. Lizzie Huffman – A Night In The Country
11. Lenny And The Piss Poor Boys – Can’t Take It Anymore
12. Alone At 3am – Sleep When I’m Dead
13. Two Cow Garage – Your Humble Narrator
14. Shane Sweeney – Promise Land Blues
15. Tin Horn Prayer – Crow Bait
16. Arliss Nancy – Stella Lovely
The Evening Rig - Goddamn     

18. Alone At 3am – Mexico
19. Joey Briggs – All For Me Grog
20. Micah Schnabel – Throwing Rocks At The Sun
21. Two Cow Garage – It’s a Shame About Ray (Lemonheads)
22. Have Gun Will Travel – You Wreck Me (Tom Petty)
Lizzie Huffman - Miss Ohio     
(Gillian Welch)
24. Shane Sweeney – The Ballad Of Jamie Bee (John Gorka)
25. Two Cow Garage – Bit Part (Lemonheads)
26. Michael Dean Damron – Long As I Can See The Light (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
27. Two Cow Garage – Ruby Soho (Rancid)
28. Two Cow Garage – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Bob Seger)


  1. Flan Flan
    October 14, 2011    

    You may want to fix the link – you have an extra “h” in the beginning:


    Don’t want to go plugging a bad link FB.

    • October 14, 2011    



  2. SxPxDxCx SxPxDxCx
    October 14, 2011    

    Thanks for the link buddy!

  3. 307 307
    October 14, 2011    

    Downloading now. Thanks for the link!

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