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Back in mid-October Chad Price and a merry crew departed from the offices of Suburban Home Records in a party van with the intent of doing 10 shows at 10 different breweries in support if Chad’s new album, Smile Sweet Face ( review). Our good internet buddy (and stellar show taper) James Freeman from That’s The Thing About That went along for the ride to record the shows. He culled those recordings down to the best from it all and released it earlier this week and he was kind enough to allow me to repost it over here. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I am:

Here is the track listing:


01. So Long Hoss
02. Static
03. Cursed

Road 34

04. Booze N’ Pills

The Death Of The Life Of The Party     

06. Barroom Bliss
07. Your Paralyzing Wings
08. Lost Angel Saloon

Tasty Weasel

09. Lizzy

.mp3″ volslider=”y”] (Journey)
11. Medicine

Left Hand Brewery

12. Beautiful And Dammed
13. This Cross
14. Mr. Crews
15. This War
16. Peachy Tuscadero



.mp3″ volslider=”y”] (Steve Earle)
18. Your Voice Is Music

Avery Brewery

19. Caleb’s Grave
20. With Broken Hearts
21. Tobacco Fields
22. Cathy’s Clown (The Everly Brothers)

.mp3″ volslider=”y”]

Great Divide

24. Modern Drunkard
25. I Know It’s Over (Jeff Black)

.mp3″ volslider=”y”] (Journey)
27. Brookfield *
28. J.J.’s Driving *

*With Dan Utter on harmonica

You can download the entire show here.

Also, if you miss Drag The River proper (full band) as much as I do James has a show from this past August featuring a full band. You can find it here.


  1. November 6, 2009    

    I had been meaning to post this all week. thanks for posting this. I listened to all the songs yesterday and everything sounds so amazing. This was such an incredible day.

  2. November 6, 2009    

    and let me add, James rules the school.

  3. James Freeman James Freeman
    November 6, 2009    

    Thanks Virgil

  4. November 7, 2009    

    this is great! well done….I can’t wait for my LP to arrive 🙂

  5. James Freeman James Freeman
    November 7, 2009    

    The links to the breweries is a great idea. The Tasty Weasel is where the brew beer for Oskar Blues. This might be a better link.

  6. Derek Derek
    November 8, 2009    

    Thanks man!

  7. nick nick
    November 9, 2009    

    I’m jealous of the CO brewerys. Great Divide and Avery are amazing.

  8. November 10, 2009    

    I jealous of this recording! Thanks for giving us some more live Drag The River. I’d love to get my ears on some more!

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