9 thoughts on “BEN PLAYS A NEW LUCERO SONG:”

  1. Do you think this will be a Lucero song, or a Ben solo song? Sounds more like the latter to me. Great song either way.

  2. Dang, Ben’s getting creative with his guitar parts. Fancy, but perfect for their music.

    I can’t wait to hear this with Todd Beene’s slide behind it, and not much else. Although I agree with CMS that this does sound like a Ben song, and not a Lucero song.

    Either way, I love it.

  3. I would think it will be a Lucero song. They are under contract with their record label for, I believe, another 3 or 4 albums. Now that they are on a major label, I would think they’d be putting out new Lucero albums every other year or so. Then again, I am just speculating. Great song.

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