Because Songs Matter


Last night The Beastie Boys debuted their brand new video Fight For Your Right (revisited) on the MTV family of networks. I didn’t get to see it cause, well, I don’t have cable. I do, however, have the internets and was straight watching that shit this morning and now, I’m sharing that shit with you cause it’s the Beastie Boys and only The Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t like The Beastie Boys.

Long before Lady GaGa stuck a phone on her head and called it art the Beastie Boys were making a reputation for putting together utterly awesome videos and this 25 minute epic is no different. It also features cameos from every actor in LA that was off the day they were filming. Seriously, I see Will Arnett, Orlando Bloom, Steve Buscemi and David Cross all get 3 seconds or so on screen. Hell, I think I saw Crispin Glover as a customer in the restaurant scene. Someone should seriously make a cameo bingo or drinking game out of this video.

I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did.

The original Fight For You Right video for your memory’s sake:

And here’s the new video:


  1. DownSouth DownSouth
    April 21, 2011    

    So who was the guy playing Mike D? (the main guy, not the Jack Black ‘back to the future’ version).

  2. April 21, 2011    

    Mr. Kenny Fucking Powers himself….Danny McBride.

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