Basking in Sunn O)))

Someone clued me in on the existence of Sunn O))) recently, and since then they were brought up in conversation by someone completely unrelated to the first person. Certainly such coincidence communicates a need to check them out for myself. So I did, and because I like what I heard I suggest you do too.

The sound of Sunn O))) varies a lot depending on who they collaborate with, but generally you can expect down-tempo, chill soundscapes behind moody instrumentation and sometimes abstract vocals. The selection I chose is slightly more energetic than most of the others, but if you find yourself dancing to it, you’ve either managed to play it at the wrong tempo or you could probably stand to sober up a bit.

Sunn O))) & Boris – Akuma No Kuma

Also, just to be clear, this is Sunn O))) the band:
Sunn O)))

Not to be confused with Sunn O))) amplifiers and so forth:
Sunn O)))

Okay? Good, then.