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Today Bandcamp is donating their portion of sales to the ACLU. Seems like a good excuse to buy a few albums to me. Here are a few suggestions for you:

Boy howdy do I love this album. I first saw Fernando play a few years ago and it was a revelation. It’s always a treat to discover an artist with a large back catalog filled with great material. This album from 1998 quickly became not only my favorite Fernando album but also one of my all time favorite records. It was out of print for awhile but the rights recently came back into Fernando’s hands. It’s a keeper.


You probably haven’t heard of The Brangs yet so let’s fix that. Coming out of an incredibly fertile Sacramento music scene the Brangs just put their debut album out. Seafoam Green is a rugged but poppy collection of tunes from the mind of Pete Barker. As always the thing that a good record lives or dies on is songs and Pete has a few gems on this one. Want something aggressive with a hint of twang that you’ll still be singing a few days later? This one is for you. The Brangs should have opened for Lucero circa Nobody’s Darlings.


You really can’t go wrong with  Mike D album. That’s all I can say.



One of my favorite San Luis Obispo acts! Fuzzy,fun and fantastic. The bass and drum duo, Bearcats , might not be the typical 9b fare but I dig ’em so I suspect many of you will too.




With a new Benchmarks album right around the corner it might be a good time to brush up on some of their older material. Then you can act like you were hip to them the whole time anyhow. It’s what I would do.

Go out and buy some records folks! Today and everyday.

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