Bad News Comes in Twos:

I read some sad news on the internets yesterday and thought I would pass it along. Apparently, Jon Snodgrass, co-vocals and guitars for Drag the River has left mid-tour. There are plenty of rumors and much conjecture out there already, but as this is an .mp3 blog and not a gossip site, I’ll quote the closest official source I could find. The following comes from one of the fellas at Suburban Home Records:

I have spoke to both Dave and Jon twice now. At this point, it is definite that there will be no Jon Snodgrass on the rest of the tour. Drag will continue to play as a 3 piece and as Chad will be the only vocalist, he will only be doing his songs.

As far as what happens after this tour, there is no official news at this point. I would like to think that after everyone has had time to think about it, things will work [themselves] out. Drag are just way too good for this to be the end. They have an entire album recorded and let me just say that it will blow people away.

So that’s it. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail and a little time heals all wounds. I sure am glad I made it to the last Lucero show in time to see them open though. Drag the River was a band I have just started getting into after ignoring them for quite sometime due to a misunderstanding. Hopefully all of this will just turn into a quit the tour thing and we’ll all laugh about it in next tour. For now I’ll have a whiskey drink and put It’s Crazy in the cd changer.

Drag the River – Fire and Flood
Drag the River – Tired and Fired

While we are on this sort of news. Mario left The Weary Boys to pursue his solo career. Neither Mario nor the band have said anything about officially so I keep hoping that it will all be a terrible joke and Mario will take the stage here in Tampa come April 26 but I do not think that will be the case. Again, there is rumor and speculation but I am not in the business of spreading such things so I’ll just reprint what I was told by Mario via email:

Basically, we are all still friends but I was just feeling like my heart wasn’t in it anymore especially in regards to creativity. I think the rest of the guys sensed this and started to resent me for it. It just seemed like I should quit before I became an enemy to my friends. So, I’m doing my solo thing now and I’m gonna see where it takes me.

Hopefully things will work out for both Mario and The Wearies. As I said earlier, The Weary Boys are playing New World here in Tampa on April 26. I am not sure what to expect of a Mario-less version of the band but you can beat your ass I’ll be there to find out. I also hope Mr. Matteoli manages to make it down to Tampa with the same frequency he did as a Weary Boy. Here’s to wishing the best of luck to both efforts.

The Weary Boys – Good Times
The Weary Boys – Baby Have No Fun

Mario Matteoli – Hard Luck Hittin
Mario Matteoli – Sun Keeps Beatin’ Down

Tomorrow we’ll try and lighten things up a little by talking about Tijuana hookers a donkey shows and a bad rash.

update: Jon left this message on the DTR message board today:

I did not quit Drag the River. Drag the River is Chad and I’s band….Chad is also my best friend.
I did however quit this tour….it had to be done.
…talk later, sorry everybody.

Well, that is good news indeed.

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  1. yeah i think it will be quite lame actually to see the Weary’s without Mario…but like said,ill be right there with a huge Duvel, drinking right out of the bottle hoping for the best

  2. Wow, Dont know why hes leaving the tour but that truly ****ing sucks! I heard about these guys through ninebullets and have been a huge fan ever since. I agree and hope they can let bygones be bygones waaaayyy to talented to break up.

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