As I am sure you’ve read 100 times today, this is the day John Lennon was murdered but what you won’t read very much is that it’s also the day Dimebag Darrell was murdered.

As is habit, there will be no lengthy missives and no eulogizing from me. Just an acknowledgment of the day and the man. I don’t care what your opinion of Pantera’s music was when you heard Dimebag play a guitar, you knew exactly who it was. His importance to and affect upon the metal genre is for people much more important that me to discuss but I can honestly say Vulgar Display of Power altered my musical trajectory immediately upon hearing it and it still gets regular play on my iPod.

So later tonight drink some whiskey and listen to a little Pantera at high volume.

Pantera – Mouth For War
Pantera – This Love

Pantera – Becoming
Pantera – I’m Broken

Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
Pantera – Cemetery Gates


Cross Canadian Ragweed – Dimebag


  1. Ahhh… I remember picking up a Pantera tape from my gf’s ancient ’80s belongings to play in my car.

  2. When I was done riding bulls and ended up at a friend’s tattoo shop as an apprentice I was still pretty much a cowboy from hat to boots. I also pretty much listened to two kinds of music: country and western. One day I was making needles and had set my cowboy hat on the counter next to where I was working. My fellow apprentice picked up said hat and put it on his head. If you know anything about cowboys and their hats you know that just ain’t right (we can talk about the girls puttin’ on a cowboy’s hat some other time) but I liked the boy. So instead of doing what I normally would have done I laid down the needle making equipment, walked over, and queued up This Cowboy’s Hat by Chris LeDoux and went back to making needles. Well Dave laid my hat back down real careful and walked away.

    Later that night we had some trouble in the shop. I honestly don’t remember if Sand got out of hand or some drunk was causing issues and to this day neither does Dave. So I stepped to the trouble, handled it in my own special way, and my hat never came off my head. At that point, without saying a word, Dave walked over and queued up Cowboys From Hell. When it was over he said “That’s your song bro”.

    I am not the worlds biggest metal fan but after that I had to hear more Pantera and it was good. So thanks to a little tattoo shop in a little town near the Texas coast I am a Pantera fan.

  3. My first experience in a true mosh pit was a Pantera show at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa OK in the early 90’s. Got smacked in the face during th efirst three chords. Excellent show. Dimebag was gracious enough to let my friend and I come backstage and hang with them. He was just an all around nice dude.

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