I am currently working a set of compilations that cover one year in alt country each starting in 1995 and it’s been a real bitch to be honest. But whilst working on that I realized I hadn’t really brought much Texas flavor to the 9B table and so I have decided to fix that starting with this intro. I know I already posted about Ray Wylie Hubbard but looking back that post feels rushed and really doesn’t cover, musically, the depths of the man who is one of the godfathers of country music as we know it, one of the founders of the whole Texas Country/Red Dirt Scene, and someone that many of the artists we cover here on 9B list as influential to their style. Ray Wylie’s career has been as long as it is weird, glorious, and downright good. If you want Ray Wylie’s history, from my perspective, then go check out the previous post but if you want to explore his music, including some gems you may not have heard, then waste no time clicking play on the little cassette tape thingy below!

Track Archive

From whence they came:

Loco Gringo's Lament – Loco Gringo’s Lament

  • Dust of the Chase
  • The Real Trick

Delirium TremolosDelirium Tremolos

  • Dallas After Midnight
  • Cooler-N-Hell
  • Choctaw Bingo

Crusades of the Restless Knights – Crusades of the Restless Knights

  • Crows
  • Conversation with the Devil

Dangerous Spirits – Dangerous Spirits

  • The Last Younger Son
  • The Ballad of the Crimson Kings
  • Crimson Dragon Tattoo

Growl – Growl

  • Screw You, We’re From Texas
  • Bones
  • Preacher

Lost Train of Thought – Lost Train of Thought

  • When She Sang Amazing Grace

Snake Farm – Snake Farm

  • Snake Farm

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Official Site
Ray Wylie Hubbard – MySpace
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Wikipedia


  1. Can’t wait to listen to this. My pops took me to see him in Santa Cruz a while back, and it was a killer show. Good son-pops bonding as well.

  2. Excellent selections! Thanks for this and all the other good stuff you do!

    I used to run a bingo game in a local dive here in Atlanta, my regulars would scream out for “Snake Farm!” Oddly enough, they didn’t dig “Choctaw Bingo” so much…

  3. Great post RSV. Man I can’t count how much I love Ray Wylie. I was talking to my Mom over thanksgiving, and she pulled a CD out I made for them about 3 years ago, she made me listen to each track to tell her who it was. Turns out Mom’s now a Ray Wylie fan!

  4. Just came upon RWH from listening to Hayes Carll…but I HAVE to ask…how can I get that awesome cassette tape player when I do a blog or podcast??

  5. So where’s the cuts from Ray Wylie Hubbard & The Cowboy Twinkies? Liek Running Across The Belly Of Texas…or He’s The One (Who Nade me Number Two)?

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