Phew! Back from SxSW and back at work. 9B as normal will resume tomorrow. I have some good videos and a few stories I’ll relay over the coming week or so as well. SxSW was good. It was wise to lay off the booze this year. I had a lot more fun and feel way better in the afterglow that I did last year. Other than that it was a typical SxSW. Friends were made, friends were lost, miles were walked and shows were seen. I’d like to drop a special thank you to the guys from Two Cow Garage for basically talking me off a ledge one morning and to all the bands who played or showed up to watch the 9B parties. If anyone is interested, my version of a SxSW photoblog is after the cut:

Only in Texas:

The legendary postcard koozie and the 9B koozie together:

Glossary and The Mean Eyed Cat

Skatenigs (makin’ life livable)

Skatenigs (mortal but invincible)

Skatenigs (they’re making life liveable)

Otis Gibbs:

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears:

Local buddies, Have Gun Will Travel:

The Only Sons (9B Friday Party):

Glossary (9B Friday Party):

I did this back in the day. I mean, like, The Fat Boys were charting back in the day. I had to snap a picture:

Soda at The Hole In The Wall

Austin Lucas & his sister at The Hole In The Wall (best Austin show I’ve ever seen):

The myth, the legend, the man; Possessed By Paul James:

Pimpin’ ain’t easy and neither is 4 days in Austin for SxSW:

7 thoughts on “BACK FROM SxSW (WITH PHOTOBLOG):”

  1. Congratulations on surviving…
    Looking forward to the videos and stories. I’ve been following a few friends dumping all their SXSW-photos on Facebook the last few days, and it looks like it was a great festival.

  2. Rune, I got another Ha Ha Tonka video! I have not checked it for quality yet. I hope to get to it tonight but first I gotta go to war the the airline company who double charged me.

  3. SCM: Otis was so good. That was the first time I ever got to see him live (he’s coming through Florida in May) and he met all my expectations and then some. Like you, I find all the 40 minutes sets @ SxSW to be a big ol bummer.

  4. I’ve seen austin lucas a couple of times and I agree with you on the sxsw show at the hole in the wall being exceptional. He was on fire, belting the songs out, drenched in sweat. I was riveted.

  5. Bryan, great job on the day shows! Wow. Next year, moving them closer to downtown (i.e. the complete cluster that is SXSW downtown traffic) would be huge for 9b (but I like getting away to the funky dives). Let me know if I can do something for you here.

    As I mentioned, you really should check out Ponderosa.

    Also, were you able to drop by to see Leroy Powell at Shakespeare’s?

    Sorry that I had to leave b4 Have Gun on Saturday. It’s great to live in Austin, but it also means I have a wife, kids and a job, all of which knew where I was and were desperately tracking me down that day. I held out as long as I could before going back to reality.

    Take care,

    Matt L.

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