I can’t say I’m a huge Ladytron fan, and I had only heard Datarock a few times before, but I knew that I liked both groups enough and so many friends were rabid fans of Ladytron that I was pretty excited about the show.  As it was a work night, doors opened at 8p and Datarock went on not very long after that to a steadily building crowd.  Right away I remarked about how these guys were either in witness protection or were hideously ugly, as they all had on matching outfits of red hoodies and sweatpants with their hoods up and with big, black sunglasses on, and the stage lights were limited to a handful of red lights pointing stage-ish.  It didn’t take long to distract me from the mystery of their disguises, though.  Datarock put on one hell of a fun show, from choreographed dance moves on some songs, to aggressively working the crowd during others, to singalongs with the audience.  And then just when they’d thoroughly impressed me, they outdid themselves when they wrapped things up with a karaoke-inspired performance to the Dirty Dancing classic “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” that started playing at the end of their set…complete with a brilliant saxophone solo. 

By the time Ladytron was set to come on the Imperial Ballroom was packed.  As I watched the crowd buzz in anticipation, I was informed that the club had brought in a generator to handle the light show that was about to happen, something about how the light displays draw 100 amps and would blow every breaker in the joint in one pulse.  I’m glad someone brought some electricity to their show, because Ladytron didn’t.  With lights blinding and synths blazing, they put on a decent enough show, but I don’t know if they chose too good of an opener or if they put on too poor of a show.  Either way, I would have liked more Datarock.  Guess we should have stuck around, as I hear they put on a hell of a dj set after Ladytron.  However, we decided halfway into Ladytron’s set that it wasn’t worth calling in to work in the morning and headed out.

If you haven’t heard these Norse hip kids before, check out a couple Datarock tunes

Datarock- Princess
Datarock- Fa Fa Fa

Datarock on MySpace
Ladytron on MySpace


The lady responsible for turning my run-on and fragmented sentences into a cohesive enough thought to be placed on the internets for y’all to read, Marci Richter, is gonna be doing a recurring piece on ninebullets with regards to this years Lollapalooza line-up. Today we’re featuring the first 4 parts.




PART 1: The Intro:

The Raconteurs are making me going to Lollapalooza. No, I don’t know Brendan, Patrick, or either of the Jack’s. Rather, I was just bummed when I found out that they aren’t going to be coming to Florida on this tour, so I started looking at good places to go see them. I saw that they’d be at Lollapalooza, and then I saw that a ton of other artists I love will be there, too, like Bloc Party, Girl Talk, Radiohead, Santogold, and The Black Keys to name just a few. I also have family and friends in the area that I can stay with, so the trip planning started.

I’ve been to festivals before where I wasn’t familiar with all the bands, and then later I hear something from one of them and realize I probably missed a great set. I decided that I’d try and avoid that happening again and have planned to try to listen to every artist that will be there beforehand. After listening to the music on their websites or their MySpace sites, I have weeded out 34 artists that I have no interest in seeing and am still left with 73 that are possibilities. This festival is over the course of just 3 days (August 1-3), so since I’m sure some performances I’m interested in will conflict with each other, I’ve decided to rate my interest in seeing them, to make it easier to schedule my weekend once the schedule is released.

I have definitely discovered some great music (and some mediocre music) this way, so I figured I’d share what I found, along with my ratings in case anyone wants to try and change my mind about whether this is a set I should see or skip.

Lollapalooza Website

PART 2: The Black Keys:

Yeah, I know they’re not new to many of you, and you probably already know that they’re brilliant, but I have to make sure that you specifically understand that the song “Lies”, off of the album Attack and Release, is black silk, hair pulling, and a warm drunk in musical form.

That is all.

The Black Keys on MySpace

PART 3: Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog is one of the biggest surprises of my little project so far. I honestly thought this was going to be a hip hop act. I guess my subconscious paired Dr. Dre with Snoop Dog, and since Kanye West and Kid Sister are on the lineup, I figured this was another act along those lines.

I was so very wrong. We All Belong is the fourth album from this band out of Philly, and I can’t believe I missed them before now. According to the wikipedia article about them, they’ve toured with both The Raconteurs and The Black Keys. Funny enough, it also says I’m apparently not the only one confused by their name, which makes me feel a bit better about my subconscious.

The album is soulful, bluesy, lighthearted and fun, with earnest vocals and beautiful harmonies. There is definitely a 60’s rock influence which fits just right with the blues feel. I can’t wait to check out their prior releases and will definitely be awaiting their planned 2008 release. Dr. Dog gets 8 out of 10 ponchos on my festival must-see scale.

Dr. Dog – The Way The Lazy Do
Dr. Dog – Keep a Friend

Dr Dog on Myspace

PART 4: Does It Offend You, Yeah?:

Did it bore me? Yeah. Seriously. Obvious I know, but it’s what I kept thinking as I listened to You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into. I mean, with a band name that comes across that pretentious, you’d better put some mustard on it, and I was not feeling the mustard.

This is the debut album from the Reading, England electro-punk band, and I suppose the beats are catchy enough, but there is also the tendency to run a decent thing into the ground in many of the songs. I got an overall generic feel from the album and with the exception of a couple tracks that sounded a bit more original and standout, there was nothing I hadn’t pretty much heard another Nu Rave act do already.

Overall, these guys get 5 ponchos on my scale. I won’t run to catch the set, but I’ll listen if they’re on stage near the portapotties while I’m in line.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Let’s Make Out

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Epic Last Song

Does It Offend You, Yeah? on MySpace