Caleb Caudle #1602

Caleb Caudle’s upcoming album, Carolina Ghost, is his first that’s been fully created since he got sober. The Country Fried Rock alum was previously featured on this program following Paint Another Layer on My Heart. He shares tips on releasing a record successfully, choosing songs to record, and the benefits of recording in a legendary studio close to home. After extensive touring both solo and with a band, Caudle feels like he’s starting to get it right.

Buy music here on Amazon. Carolina Ghost to be released in 26 February 2016.

Stream or download this podcast below or on SoundCloud.

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Author: Sloane Spencer

113 – Jared Hart of The Scandals & Brian Fallon & the Crowes talks Past Lives and Pass Lines

JARED HART, front-man of The Scandals & member of Brian Fallon and the Crowes is this week’s guest! Jared joins us in Denver while on tour with Frank Iero (of My Chemical Romance fame) and Roger Harvey on Thanksgiving Eve, 2015. We meet up in the basement of the Hi-Dive to chat with Jared about his new solo record, Past Lives and Pass Lines, out now on Say-10 records! We talk about how Jared started The Scandals at age 14, what the band has accomplished and how, venturing into singer-songwriter territory, his relationship with Brian Fallon from Gaslight Anthem and Jared’s impact of his mother’s passing. All of this and MORE in today’s episode!

This episode is brought to you by Ratio Beerworks & The Leechpit Thift Store!

Music included in this week’s episode are the tracks, “The Leo,” & “Basements;” from Past Lives and Pass Lines. Out now on Say-10 Records.

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Author: Dammit Damian!

Wannabe Reviews Ty Segall’s New Album, ‘Emotional Mugger’

Ty Segall is one of the most active rock and rollers in the scene today, and maybe even one of the few prominent musicians who is actually a rock and roller. Whether touring incessantly or recording new music under his own name or with his numerous side projects, Ty Segall is a guitar-shredding force to be reckoned with. In the newest installment of Wannabeartist Chris Prunckle reviews Segall’s new album Emotional Mugger in his six-panel comic book form. Click on the image for full resolution:



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Author: Chris Prunckle

The Harvest Thieves – Rival – 2016


These guys were a completely accidental discovery on Spotify and I couldn’t be happier about it. Usually the, so called, discovery feature on Spotify is fairly worthless, containing mostly stuff I’ve already heard and listen to on Spotify or stuff so old I can’t write about it. To be honest I rarely use it since so many of my friends are huge music fans and talk about it all the time. It’s pretty hard to find stuff I haven’t at least heard once or twice. However, The Harvest Thieves are a band that I knew nothing about. Once I clicked play I knew that I’d be writing about these kids so that the rest of you can give them a listen as well.

My first go ’round with Rival caught my attention in a way that really hasn’t happened in the last little while. There’s something about the sound on this one that hearkens back the everything that was good about the scene in the 80s and 90s and the bands that defined the alt country genre. That doesn’t mean I’m longing for the good old days, far from it in fact. What I like about these kids is that it’s an old school sound but clearly not trying to live in the past. Rival is pretty much a straight up alt country record and the reason that’s important is that it’s hard to find one of those these days. Yeah, there’s a lot of music with twang or a fiddle but there’s something, and I can’t put my finger on it, that makes that alt country sound. I can’t describe but I know it when I hear it and I’ll be damned if The Harvest Thieves don’t have it.

As far as the band goes, it was actually a side project with two of the guys from Guns of Navarone, out of Austin, Texas, and their tour manager. They put out an EP in 2013 and at some point in between now and then decided to go full time with The Harvest Thieves and added two more members to get what we have here today. I had heard about GoN before hearing this album but honestly can’t remember ever checking them out, which I intend to remedy, and if they’re anywhere near as good as this record, well I’ll have another new (to me) band to listen to.

I think this was a great record for my first review in 2016, aside from being from a band I’d never heard of, I get to come right of the gate and give you some Essential Listening. That’s right, this is that good of a record. So go grab it at their Bandcamp, check out Guns of Navarone, and stalk The Harvest Thieves on Facebook.

Episode 105: W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show Podcast (Ona, American Aquarium, & Shovels & Rope)


The Music Featured On This Weeks Episode Is From The Following Albums:

Ona – American Fiction (2015)

American Aquarium – Wolves (2015)

Shovels & Rope – Swimmin’ Time (2015)

All music is used with permission.

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Author: wbwalker

Wannabe Reflects On His Favorite Albums Of 2015

In the newest installment of Wannabeartist Chris Prunckle looks back on his favorite albums of 2015 in his six-panel comic book form with a brief commentary on each one. Click on the image for full resolution:

 Part 1:


Part 2:


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Author: Chris Prunckle

Episode 285 – Top 43 of 2015 Pt. 2


Every year I try to keep the amount of  my top albums of the year to a random number. Because, to hell with conformity, right? So, here we are with PART 2 and starting with #22 and working our way backwards. And my wife makes a rare appearance as well. Enjoy!

Download this episode HERE2016-01-06 14.48.52

Music in this episode:

#22 – Roofied & Ripped Off AND Delta Thrash Ways by Molly Gene The One Whoaman Band
(from Delta Thrash)

#21 – Black Horse Canyon AND Me & Jeroboam & the Moon by The Longest Day Of The Year
(from Carapace)
Facebook Page

#20 – I’m A Full Grown Man AND I’m A Good Man by Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
(from Under The Savage Sky)

#19 – Leather Jacket AND Eastside Party by Thunderbitch
(from Thunderbitch)

#18 – All Across This Land AND Nights Were Made For Love by Blitzen Trapper
(from All Across This Land)

#17 – Daddy Was A Liar  AND  You Shouldn’t Worry by Brent Best
(from Your Dog, Champ)

#16 – Jimmy and Bob and Jack AND Sentimental In The Morning by Edward David Anderson
(from Lower Alabama -The Loxley Sessions)

#15 – S.O.B. AND Look It Here by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
(from Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats)

#14 – The Opening Act Of Spring AND Silent Key by Frank Turner
(from Positive Songs For Negative People)

#13 – The Wrong Year AND Mistral by The Decemberists
(from What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World)

#12 – Young Outlaws AND Can’t You Hear Them Howl? by Lucero
(from All A Man Should Do)

#11 – Shoegaze AND The Greatest by Alabama Shakes
(from Sound And Color)

#10 – Wolves AND Who Needs a Song by American Aquarium
(from Wolves)

#09 – Jezebellion AND Dorothy Gale by The Bloody Jug Band
(from Rope Burn)

#08 – East Of West AND Morning Birds by The End Men
(from Terms and Conditions)

#07 – My Cousin Greg AND 15 Years by Houndmouth
(from Little Neon Limelight)

#06– Run Like Hell AND The Wildness by Joey Kneiser
(from The Wildness)
Bandcamp Site

#05– Rattler’s Revival AND In The Belly Of a Whale by The Toadies
(from Heretics)

#04 – Mystery Man AND Jacked Cadillac by Hail Dale
(from Honkey Kong)
Bandcamp Site

#03 – Madhouse Promenade AND True Believers by Have Gun, Will Travel
(from Science From An Easy Chair)

#02 – Sad Baptist Rain AND High On Tulsa Heat by John Moreland
(from High On Tulsa Heat)

#01 – Walter AND 9 To 5 by The Yawpers
(from American Man)




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Author: Von

Drinkin’ About My Daddy: Collaborative Mix

My old man, looking like Hemmingway for no good reason.
My old man, looking like Hemmingway for no good reason.

This year has started out rough for me personally. We said goodbye to my father on Sunday after a massive heart attack on on January 4th. I’ve been a little out of sorts and probably drinking a lot. I’ve been trying to put together a compilation that captures the feel of this last week but it turns out most of the good drinking songs are about losing girls! While that makes sense you’d think there’d be a lot more songs about men getting what Lewis Grizzard referred to as “crying about your daddy drunk”. There are some country songs that fit the bill like Alan Jackson’s “Drive (For Daddy Gene)”. My favorite so far is The Tosspints “Your Name” followed closely by Shooter Jennings “Daddy’s Hands”. The thing is there’s a lot of songs about shitty dads out there and mine didn’t fit that bill, at all. So I’d like to put together a collaborative mix. We’ve done this before, you comment, offer up your suggestions for the compilation, I put them all together and post the mix here in a week. I thought long and hard about asking for help with this but you folks have never let me down, so here it is. It turns out I have great deal of respect for all you malcontents and miscreants.

Episode 104: W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show Podcast (Gregory Alan Isakov, Joshua Black Wilkins, & Richard Buckner)


The Music Featured On This Weeks Episode Is From The Following Albums:

Gregory Alan Isakov – The Weatherman (2013)

Joshua Black Wilkins – Settling The Dust (2014)

Richard Buckner – Surrounded (2013)

All music is used with permission.

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Author: wbwalker

Crowdfunding: Patreon – Americana Rock Mix

americana rock mix
I am a fan of crowdfunding and the patron model. While there’s debate as to whether the patron model is true crowdfunding, that’s over my head. The point is that people out there do stuff we like and the whole entertainment industry, aside from big movies, is pretty much dead set on actually supporting anyone. Through crowdfunding we, the fans, can give something back. Sure we can buy merch, records, prints, or whatever is being offered but crowdfunding allows us to give directly to the people making the entertainment that we consume. All that said this is really about Americana Rock Mix, Von Cloedt produces a damn amazing podcast and Patreon is a great model to give podcasts some ongoing support. You can donate as little as a buck an episode. I think it’s a better model than getting a sponsor and making half the podcast about the sponsor. So here’s the Patreon link for Americana Rock Mix. If you’re so inclined you can even donate enough and guest host an episode. Over the years I’ve found the crowd that reads this site tends to be a bunch of generous folks and this is a great podcast. So if podcasts are your thing then here’s a good one to support.