SHB on My Name is Earl

Via Scott H. Biram’s message board / myspace blog:

SHB Music on “My Name is Earl” TV show

On November 2nd 2006, “My Name Is Earl” will feature SHB original music, “Blood, Sweat, & Murder”. Also watch in Feb 2007 for “The Darwin Awards” starring Wynona Ryder for SHB original “Wreck My Car”. I’m sure you’ve all seen the “Dawg The Bounty Hunter” episode by now. HA!!

Good to see good things happening for Mr. Biram.

Scott H. Biram – Blood, Sweat & Murder


This Tuesday, September 26, my heroes of Memphis, Lucero, will release their newest effort “Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers“.  The cd has been available for months as a digital download to those that were willing to pony up the money….this also made it widely available via all of the p2p networks…so to make a short story long the cd has been in the wild for months.  The promise of a free tshirt got me, a notrious downloader, to shell out the money for the the cd….well, that and the massive amount of love I have for these guys.  I was going to write a real review of the cd but every time I start one I can only write “fucking great. the end” and really, that is not much of a review.

Will this finally be the album that breaks the band?  That is what I think everytime I hear the cd. Will this finally be the cd that gets them in every dive bar jukebox around?  A few years ago we were watching these fellas in half-empty venues and now they are finding themselves having to play in midsize venues just to accomodate their growing fans.  If you have never seen them live they are a get drunk, raise your beer and sing a long type of band.  Sad songs about drunken nights, fist fights, broken hearts and bad tattoos sung to a back beat of pure, true-to-life rock and roll.

Fucking great.  You owe it to yourself to check these guys out and through the power of the internets you can do it now by preordering the cd.

Lucero – Sing Me No Hymns (from Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers)
Lucero – I’ll Just Fall (from Tennessee)

basement-lo-fi-blues-rock monsters come to the majors

The new Black Keys album, Magic Potion, went on sale recently. If you liked the other Keys albums…you will like this one. If you are sitting there asking yourself….”self, who are these black keys and do i like them”….if that is you the answer is “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND EAT YOUR TACO!”….are you asking what does tacos and the black keys have in common? nothing…the taco line is gonna be the catch phrase for the taco stand me and the wench are gonna open….it will be named Taco Mildred and you will fiend for the Double Decker Dirty Nirny. trust me….till we get the capital up you listen to these 3 tracks and rock out with 2 crackers from Akron.

Your Touch

Goodbye Babylon

Meet Me in the City

Interesting factoid: They named the band from inspiration of a schizophrenic artist friend in Akron, who used the term “black keys” to describe things he disliked or people he did not trust. (source: mokb)

Not so interesting but more useful factiod: The last track comes from the EP of Junior Kimbrough covers entitled “Chulahoma“. Chulahoma was their final release for Fat Possum Records.

Ready, Set…..GO!

Well, here it is….today is the first post of the rest of your blog and all of that good shit. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to think of what super-extra-special-awesome post I was gonna make for the first post ever but now…as I sit here typing in WordPress as opposed to working I just can not be bothered and I think this post has already gone on longer than it should have.

So….here is….It will be an mp3 blog and hopefully it will have other (read: more talented) writers join the fray in the coming weeks. The name ninebullets comes from a song by The Drive-By Truckers….the greatest current rock and roll band in America. The song is Nine Bullets (duh)….and that’s it. Mad thanks to Trevor Bramble for helping me get this up and running…and by helping I mean he did it all while I complained.

Stay tuned.