Killers "Sam's Town"…not so great say Rolling Stone.

The past few months there has been a lot written about Flowers and Co.’s new cd…quotes of “one of the best cds of the past 20 years” and “There’s nothing that touches this album.” Well, yesterday I cam home to find the new Paste in my mailbox and there is a story about the guys. The first thing that jumped out to me was the picture….Here are the former glam boys all scruffy and western. To be honest, it looked contrived. The article had scenes of Flowers being serenaded at a urinal, epiphanies back stage @ U2 shows and quests to find the essence of Springsteen. I must admit though, at the end of the article I was convinced that The Killers wanted desperately to be more than a flavor of the season band who wrote a perfect pop album @ the perfect time. I was (and still will) gonna give the cd a test drive and see how they did.

Well, seems they were none to successful of you listen to the folks over at Rolling Stone.

All over Sam’s Town, the Killers leave no pompous arena cliche untweaked in their quest to rewrite Born to Run – even though one of the reasons Springsteen’s a genius is that he’s never tried to rewrite Born to Run himself. On Hot Fuss, Flowers got boyish emotion out of his flat Gary Numan voice box, which is how he charmed his way through fantastic anthems like “All These Things That I’ve Done.” But here, he strains for a high register he doesn’t have and ends up with a screech. Yet even a more deft singer couldn’t save bloated epics with I-swear-I’m-not-making-this-up titles like “Bling (Confessions of a King)” and “This River Is Wild.” “My brother, he was born on the Fourth of July”? “I woke on the roadside/In the land of the free ride”? “Enterlude” and “Exitlude” frame the album with a vague hotel/casino theme (“We hope you enjoy your stay” – where are we, the Paradise Theater?), but the concept adds up to nothing except faux-Boss cliches already picked clean by Eighties never-weres from Lone Justice to John Eddie.

The new cd “Sam’s Town” comes out October 3.

Blur/Gorillaz singer starts new band

Gorillaz’ Albarn launches new band

09/25/2006 4:00 PM, Yahoo! Music

The first single from Gorillaz/Blur singer Damon Albarn’s new band, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, will be released in October, it has been announced.

“Herculean” will be released on CD and 7-inch and then deleted on the same day. The artwork has been designed by former Clash bassist Paul Simonon.

Simonon is joined in the band by former Verve guitarist Simon Tong, Fela Kuti’s drummer Tony Allen, and Gorillaz/Blur mastermind Albarn.

The Good, The Bad & The Queen play their debut show at the Roundhouse in London on October 26, which is part of the BBC’s Electric Proms series of gigs.

“Herculean” is due for release on October 30, according to the British music weekly NME.


Emo jumps the shark?

I know what you are thinking….emo jumped the shark a long long time ago boy…or, what’s EMO….well, to both I say exactly BUT just in case there was a little life boy band Good Charlotte went out and found the biggest baddest muthafuckin’ shark in the ocean and went 100% Fonzie on that bitch with this track. Bet it goes straight to number 1 on the urban charts.

Good Charlotte – Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

New Beck cd leaks

Okay; admittedly I am not the biggest Beck fan in Tampa.  Hell, I am probably not even the biggest Beck fan in my neighborhood and if we are gonna continue down this road it is probably a stretch to call me a Beck fan at all.  I do not own any of his cds and the only album I am particularly fond of is “Sea Change“, his least Beck album to date.  That said, if you are bumping Beck in your car and I hopped in I would not be disgruntled…I am firmly in the take him or leave him boat I suppose.  I will say that a couple of seasons ago I saw him on Austin City Limits w/the Flaming Lips as his band and I thought that was freaking awesome and I have looked forward to seeing him live the next time he comes through the Tampa area ever since.  A couple of months ago I saw an article where Beck mentioned his new cd was gonna be a hip-hop cd. Well, this peaked my interests to say the least…I figured one of 2 things…complete train wreck trash *or* it could have a Buck 65 type sound and kill.  Well, the cd leaked and while a “hip-hop record” it is not it does have its moments and I am glad to say that outside of “1000 bpm” there are no complete trainwrecks.  The “non hip-hop” tracks are standard Beck fare and, to be honest, are pretty good.  The new cd comes out October 3.

Beck – Cellphone’s Dead
Beck – Dark Star

Buck 65 – Wicked and Weird

Footnote: Beck has also announced details of a 10-year anniversary reissue of 1996’s ‘Odelay’, which will feature rarities and remixes by Aphex Twin and Dust Brothers (warning: this link causes siezures). The reissue will also include B-sides and ‘Deadweight’, which was included on the soundtrack to the 1997 film ‘A Life Less Ordinary

New Releases (09.26.06)

Tomorrow’s releases:

Solomon Burke
– Nashville, Emily Haines – Knives Don’t Have Your Back, Alan Jackson – Like Red On A Rose, Janet Jackson – 20 Years Old, The Lemonheads – The Lemonheads, Sean Lennon – Friendly Fire, Ludacris – Release Therapy, Scissor Sisters – Ta-Dah, Sparklehorse – Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain, LuceroRebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers, The Black Crowes – The Lost Crowes (2 CD), Blood Meridian – Kick Up the Dust & Wolf Eyes – Human Animal

In other news, the new Beck leaked this weekend.

Three Six Mafia get a reality show


The show, dubbed Adventures in Hollyhood, is described by the music net as a comedy reality series, meaning viewers who tune in will presumably be laughing with the rappers, not at them (sorry, Newlyweds).

MTV has given the go-ahead for eight half-hour episodes, each of which will chronicle the daily goings-on of the group’s two main emcees, Juicy J and DJ Paul, as they attempt to parlay their Oscar win into lasting Hollywood fame.

The hip-hopsters will relocate, entourage and all, from their Memphis home base to Los Angeles over the course of the show and try their best to become Tinseltown players.

So, while winning an Academy Award will get you from Memphis to LA it can not get you a descent web site.  Three Six’s new cd is set to drop in December.