Live at the Whitewater Tavern

If you haven’t seen Austin play live then go buy yourself a copy of this album. The production quality is excellent for a live show and Austin’s voice is amazing as always. What you get with this rather than the studio albums is the rawness of a live show. The backup singers, the different tempo of the songs and the feeling of almost being there. Of course everyone that frequents our little corner of the web knows I love Austin and his music. This album is every bit as good as his studio albums and is a must have for any Austin fan. I wish there was more to say about it but it’s an Austin Lucas album and that should tell you all you need to fucking know. It’s better than good, it’s damn amazing.

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Austin Lucas – Sleep Well
Austin Lucas – Somebody Loves You
Austin Lucas – Sun or Snow

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  1. It was recorded at The White Water Tavern in Little Rock, AR. The first of a series of live releases we’re working on. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Saw Austin here in Brighton a few weeks back with Cory Branan and Drag The River. Show of the year for me. They didn’t much bother with the stage or PA and played most of the songs from the floor unplugged, with the crowd around them in a circle. Great night of music. Crowd wouldn’t let em go – they were still playing half hour after shows over when I had to leave to catch the last train home.

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