The title for this album couldn’t be more apropos for my life at the moment. You see my last job had me so burned out that I couldn’t even write about music! I got handed a new gig on a silver platter back in a part of my field that I truly love and I figured that the latest from Austin Lucas would be the perfect thing to talk about on my return to 9B!

As an unashamed fanboy of Mr. Lucas I love this album as much, if not more, than his previous work and just so I can get it out of the way it is, beyond a shadow of doubt, Essential Listening (Yeah AIV already said this but damn it I get to say it as well). The addition of a full band to Austin’s lyrics and voice is fucking amazing. I have never got to see Austin play with anyone else, like Two Cow Garage, as he is known to do so the fullness of sound was something new for me. I would have loved this album if it had been sparse like the previous few have but I don’t know if I would loved it any more. Every single track on this album is amazing.

Musically my favorite track has got to be “Thunder Rail” what with the electric guitar, beat and structure it’s a bad ass track. My overall favorite is “Darkness Out Of Me” which made me take a good hard look at my life and desires in relation to my kids and their hopes and dreams. That’s not likely what Austin was thinking about when he wrote it but that is what is so beautiful about art: It takes on a life of its own when it is released in to the wild and becomes something different to each person who consumes it. Even with all the “new” on the album, the backing band, the different musical style, it is 100% Austin Lucas and it is everything you should expect from him. If you have any soul in your pitiful mortal body you can’t not buy this album…

These are my favorite three tacks, so far, and are subject to change:
Austin Lucas – Darkness Out Of Me
Austin Lucas – Thunder Rail
Austin Lucas – The Grain

You can stream the whole damn thing (and you should) right here on 9B, at the end of AIV’s post about the album. And you damn well should go buy it right now.